Thursday, February 01, 2007

Learning & Volunteering at the Library

Home Learning Media are in the display case. These materials were purchased several years ago at the request of homeschoolers. They are available for anyone to check out and can be used to help any child with homework, to provide some enrichment, or as a family project. The home school section has a variety of helpful print material including texts and worksheets. The library also has Discovery Packs that parents may check out for young children. These packs contain books, videos, and materials on many subjects such as insects, careers, and cooking.

Volunteering provides opportunities for getting out and about, increasing one’s awareness of the community, and generally doing good. High school student Averie Kenney has been putting in some volunteer hours as part of a project. She’s read shelves, sorted discarded magazines, and helped with inventory - and has done good for the library.

Valentines to all of you. Roses are red, violets are blue, we love our patrons all the year through. A piece on job satisfaction which cited policemen and firemen as being at the top reminded us of how much we like being librarians. Much of that is thanks to all those people who use the library.

Teens in libraries have been in the news -and some of it has not been good. The internet is a big attraction here and the parking lot is good for skateboarding, though the urge to congregate can be a problem in our small space. There aren’t many places to go in Ashley and teens, too, are our patrons. Generally they’ve been good and cooperative. It could be a worthwhile exercise in intergenerational awareness and tolerance for us all.

More room, more room ! The juvenile non-fiction section gets more crowded all the time and we keep looking for ways to ease the crunch. Some additional bookshelves in the area should help and we’re planning to have them made. Should we hire a professional organizer to go with them??

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