Thursday, March 08, 2007

March 2007

More room. We have new bookshelves in the juvenile area thanks to B & W Carpentry. We’ll still be doing some shifting and rearranging but hope this will provide some more work and display space. If you can’t find what you want where you expect it to be, please ask. Audios will be moved - AGAIN.

Missing call numbers have recently become apparent. Apparently we’ve been preoccupied with getting used to the InfoCentre system and did not notice that many (way too many) books show up in the catalog with no call number. If you can’t figure out where to look for something it’s not your fault. You can double click the title and then click on copy information - or ask. Something was lost in the move and we’re hoping there may be a more universal fix than correcting each record.

Homeschoolers enjoyed a wintery talk making artificial snow and building sculptures with ice cubes. (Miss Vicky’s timing for the January’s snow story time was better than the Farmer’s Almanac.)

Summer Reading supply orders are placed before the previous year is over and work on programs begins about the same time. This year has a mystery theme. Miss Vicky and Susan have two workshops this month and are soliciting for prizes.

Dr. Seuss, aka Theodor Geisel, was born March 2, 2004. Most people are familiar with his children’s book which are full of delightful nonsense and wonderfully illustrated imaginary creatures, plus a moderate amount of social commentary. This will be the 50th anniversary for one of his most popular creations, The Cat in the Hat. Take time to read a Dr. Seuss book to a child - or enjoy one yourself.

New DVDs are on the way including some of the recent Academy Award winners and the usual variety. We’ll have a list as processing is completed and will take reserves. Videos and DVDs made up 34% of last year’s circulation, and increased 23% from 2005. In fact our total 2006 circulation increased 8%, almost entirely due to the increased DVD and video circulation. Someone thought it might be because DVDs were much better. DVDs cost more and seem to be more easily damaged - and apparently continue to be more tempting to steal.

Overdues notices are not being sent because we can’t figure out how to print them on the new system. We’ll call if there is a reserve and hope we’ll find a solution. In the meantime, we’re asking everyone to keep in mind that libraries work because patrons check materials out, they take reasonable care of them, and they bring materials back by the due date . Then someone else, including that same patron can check them out. Over and over again. Our main recourse is to refuse service until materials are returned. We lose far more from unreturned materials than we do from theft.

Thanks to a patron for donating the above book. Much thanks to two teens who did the main work of moving the paperback bookshelf through the library. Also thanks to our custodian Don, Associated Trenching, and those generous guys enjoying their snow blowers for keeping an open pathway to the library.

Magazine renewals have been sent in though they don’t take effect until June. We’re trying Smart Computing and canceling PC Magazine. Mailbox (Preschool) with children’s activities is mainly for library programs but can be checked out. Otherwise the list remains pretty much the same. If you subscribe to a magazine and read it and discard it you might consider donating it to the library when you are finished. Re-using is good.

Seed catalogs are tucking in amongst the shelf of catalogs and newsletters. If you don’t have any coming to your mailbox you can check one out here and learn about the newest and the currently popular heirloom vegetables.

Tax time is next month though our big rush is over, even though we haven’t received the full reproducible forms book. The IRS was much more prompt in keeping up with the demand for 1099s and 1096s.The site is very helpful but can’t supply those forms. Be sure to file for the refund of federal telephone excise tax. There’s a space for a standard deduction on returns and we have plenty of forms if you skipped that. $30 is $30.

Circling above us, their wing-tips fanned like fingers, it is as if they were smoothing one of those tissue-paper sewing patterns over the pale blue fabric of the air. Turkey Vultures by Ted Kooser.

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