Monday, November 29, 2010

December 2010

Holiday Hours :
Closed December 24 & 25 ;
Close at 5:00 Dec. 31 ;
Closed January 1, 2011.

Storytime : (Thursday mornings at 10:00)

Holiday Treats Dec. 2

Animals in Winter Dec. 9

Christmas Dec. 16

No Storytime Dec. 23

Dec. 30

Happy Unbirthday Jan. 6

Megan Burns, our page and regular story time helper, will present the Dec. 2 Holiday Treats program. Storytime will take a short holiday break and resume January 6, 2011. Happy New Year !

Game Day, Wednesday December 29, will provide some activity for all those vacationing students. All ages are invited. We’ve even had some adult participation. The time is 2:00 - 4:00. This will be a good opportunity to try out the County Fair game purchased at the Buckeye Book Fair.

A Christmas Adoption Tree is at the library. Participants choose an Elf with age, size, and possibly a suggestion which should be attached to the unwrapped present for a child in need and delivered to a BV school no later than 2:30, Dec. 14.

Christmas in Ashley December 4, 6:00 - 9:00
Luminaries will line downtown High Street, a live nativity, Santa Claus, carolers, and a tour of homes will celebrate the season. What a wonderful way to appreciate what volunteer efforts can accomplish. The library has been collecting milk jugs for the Scouts to turn into luminaries, generous individuals are preparing and sharing their homes, and Amy Ruggles deserves some special credit. ENJOY !

The Library Food Garden evaluation and 2011 planning meeting consisted of five Master Gardeners, one library staff, and three community participants. Starting seeds, starter garden kits of plants and seeds, gardening assistance, and garden space would be the primary focus. The season would start with a January garden planning meeting encouraging group seed purchase. A list of people in the area available for plowing, rototilling, and spading (both volunteer and paid) should be made. Library gardens would continue the square foot garden, and have a straw bale cold frame followed by a bean teepee. The Brownies would again start seeds for community distribution and have a garden for donations to the food pantry. They will also have a fund raising pumpkin patch. Monthly programs, weekly visiting gardener support, and a Facebook page were discussed.

The Master Gardeners received an Excellence Award for an outstanding master gardener volunteer project for their participation in this year’s program. The award included a $50 gift certificate from A.M. Leonard Company which they presented to the Wornstaff Library.

The Bookmark Society is meeting December 2 at 6:30 (instead of Thanksgiving Day), reading Seabiscuit by Laura Hillenbrand. All book lovers are invited for a social evening. The next meeting time - and book - will be decided at the December meeting.

Art projects at Buckeye Valley East include a January visit from folk musician Russ Childers with a community square dance at Radnor Buckeye Valley North on Jan. 13 and a February residence by bottle cap artist Michelle Stitzlein. Visit her web site for a look at some of the projects. And save your plastic bottle caps. The library may be a display site for some creations. What about a Wornstaff Library sign for the lawn?

Thanks to Brownie troops #2636 & #633 for books donated to the collection and summer reading.
We’re glad to host their meetings.

More space. Bookshelves from the now defunct used book store in Delaware have been donated to the library by the new occupant, The Central Ohio Symphony. One will go in the back room for paperbacks and audio books and one in the basement to provide better book sale access and storage. The moving logistics are still being worked out - both getting the shelves here and getting the materials back in order.

The Buckeye Valley East Food Pantry has been reorganized to include food and clothing and extra hours. The pantry is open Tuesdays 10:00 to noon and 4:00-6:00, and Thursdays 1:30-3:30. If no one is there, go to the school office . The Brownies are collecting coats. There is a box at the library.

K. C. Kay’s Tanning Salon is announced and looking very Christmasy in the space that housed the Phoenix Bakery. Work is progressing on the stabilization of the Sargent building and will include a modified front and opened streetscape sidewalk area. Christmas flags should be up and please may all the water leaks be found and repaired.

Gratitudes for the year : First and foremost we again thank our dedicated levy committee and the voters of Ashley village and Oxford Township for passing the library levy. After the previous months of shortened hours and no expenditures on materials we are all delighted to be able to be a full service library. Local interest and support for the Community Garden grant, donations of and for books, grants, and general community support were especially encouraging as we continued to gain appreciation for the benefits of staff time. We were able to provide the summer reading program thanks to a grant from the Delaware Community Foundation and the efforts of children’s librarian Vicky Collins and assistant librarian Susan Bussard plus volunteer help. We are looking forward to 2011 and the ability to serve the community with materials, computer access, meeting space, and friendly, unstressed staff. We thank our patrons.

Monday, November 01, 2010

November 2010

Storytime (Thursday morning at 10:00)

Daytime/Nighttime Nov. 4
Friends Nov. 11
Thanksgiving Nov. 18
No Storytime Nov. 25
Holiday Treats Dec. 2

The library will be closed on Thanksgiving, November 25, and there will be no story time that week. Hours otherwise will be the same.

Homeschool Book Talk will be Wednesday, November 17 at 2:30. We the People Bookshelf, a grant sponsored collection of American history, will provide the theme, with a focus on the Civil War. There will be a craft and some food. The program will be geared for 1st through 6th but all ages are welcome. Please note the change of day and time.

Community Gardening planning for next year should be looked at some time in November. We’re meeting with the Backyard Master Gardeners to lay out a full schedule and are interested in comments and participants.

Election Day is November 2 and the library is now the polling place for all of Ashley Village. There will be a temporary, handicapped parking place on the east side of the parking lot and (hopefully) a moderate amount of traffic during the day. Village council meeting will be held on Wednesday even though the village office is no longer a polling place.

The book sale is overflowing. There are lots of juvenile fiction books, some children’s (both from discards and donations), romance novels, and many others. As always, it’s ten cents a book or a dollar a bag. Stock up now for those long winter days. Video tape discards are also in the sale.

Movies at the Library
Thanks to all the donations of materials and time for the Community Gardening grant we were able to acquire a projector and DVD player with funds from the grant. Movies at the library debuted with the Pumpkin Circle program and there are other possibilities including summer outdoor showings, Another possibility would be a books-made-into-movies discussion group. We are in the process of looking at movie licensing which would enable us to share many of our holdings.

The Council for Older Adults display will be on the table at the front entrance during November. This Delaware County organization provides many services that help older residents maintain a healthy life style and stay in their own homes. The associated Senior Center has a variety of educational and recreational programs and facilities. Their monthly newsletter is available at the library.

A Board of Trustees retreat for The Delaware County District Library included directors and trustees of the Sunbury Community Library and the Wornstaff Library. Linda Murray from the Ohio Library Council spoke on the role of the trustees. A discussion on possible collaborations focused on personal finance, health and early childhood literacy and concluded with plans to use the Delaware Reads site as a community library calendar.

DVD purchases are a possible grant that Susan Bussard is exploring. Many video tapes would be replaced, especially in the children’s section. Many patrons still use tapes but younger families may only have DVD capabilities. We’d have more room.

New Juvenile Fiction Lots and lots of choices are available thanks to an extensive donation of several boxesful and the economical results of the conveniently located Junior Literary Guild sale. Be sure to mark your calendars for next year. Juvenile fiction circulation last month showed a 49% increase over that month’s circulation in 2009. How wonderful to be able to cater to that interest.

A tip for adults is the crossover interest. Many of these titles can be enjoyed by you, too. Perhaps we could use that strategy to increase the picture book circulation. One of the advantages of being a librarian is the “dreadful” necessity of being familiar with all the books - which is a legitimate excuse for reading Olivia, A Balloon for Isabel and Jon Scieszka.

The Book of Genesis illustrated by R. Crumb is the basis of a current exhibit at the Columbus Museum of Art. Sundays are free. Should we have a copy??

The Family Tree Maker is exciting donation number two. We’re working on installing it and making it available to patrons.

Thanks to BVEE PTO for donating the DVD How To Train Your Dragon and the short Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon.

The BVEE Halloween parade had a sunny, not-too-cold afternoon for its march uptown. The library passed out around 350 bookmarks and suckers with Vicky Collins as a party going witch and Liz Barker sporting a flamingo hat. Storytime’s Halloween program saw a number of princesses and the requisite Power Ranger.

Holiday help at the library is there for you - recipes, Thanksgiving 101, gift suggestions and patterns, decorating ideas, and much, much more including ever popular seasonal books and movies. It’s not too early to start your planning as the store’s are already reminding you. Enjoy the season.

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