Tuesday, October 27, 2009

November 2009

Story Time 10:00 a.m. Thursdays

Bread & Butter Nov.5
Owls Nov. 12
Thanksgiving Nov. 19
CLOSED Nov. 26
Polar Express & Trains Dec. 5

The school Halloween Parade. Thanks to the Walter Heine memorial donation we were able to pass out the usual bookmarks and suckers.

The library will be closed Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving 101 guides you through the classic holiday menu and provides a tasty selection of variations and possible new traditions. It’s not too early to be perusing the cookbook shelf for gifts and plain old comfort food. Be inspired by Julie and Julia. Warm up the kitchen on the coming winter evenings - you could have your entertainment and eat it too. Your whole family will benefit.

The Buckeye Book Fair is Nov. 7 in Wooster. This yearly event features one hundred or so authors with Ohio connections. It’s a wonderful opportunity to talk with a variety of authors and illustrators and to purchase autographed and discounted books - not to mention a scenic trip to the land of the Pine Tree Barn and Lehman’s Hardware. Admission is free. Check http://www.buckeyebookfair.com/ for authors and prices.

Veterans’ Day will be recognized on Monday Nov. 9. It’s a holiday for some. Please take time to recognize those who have served or are currently in the armed forces at home and abroad.
Scarecrow wannabees. Sheri Smith and the Conti family were winners Contest entries and workshop attendance were slim. What happened? It seemed like such a hit last year. The fishing tournament has had much better success.

No library funds for materials.
The good news: Vicky Collins ( our children’s librarian) attended the Great Lakes Independent Booksellers convention in Cleveland and brought back $675 (retail value) of preview books for the library. We have received a variety of donations of DVDs and books and have added 77 items with a retail value of approximately $2000. Individuals have donated The Help and The Lost Symbol, an assortment of fiction came from the Delaware County District Library pre-booksale, and many have contributed from their home libraries. The BVEE PTO voted to donate their movie night DVDs to the library. During September patrons donated $440 for the purchase of materials.

The bad news: Materials (60 items) that are overdue between Jan. 1, 2009 and June 30 total over $1000. 31 patrons are responsible for these materials. Our copy of Breaking Dawn is missing, as is a duplicate copy of another in that series.

The philosophical aspects: Those who have donated items have generously shared their purchases with the community. Those who borrow and don’t return, or steal items are taking away from everyone else. It’s distressing to be unable to purchase new materials. It is doubly distressing to look at the loss of items that were previously purchased. One discussion brought out the idea of each person donating a book for all to use. That’s the basic idea behind a public library - usually accomplished through taxes. Would there be many duplicates or would it be an eclectic collection???

Treasures from the past: Westerns, mysteries, inspirational fiction, and best sellers from years gone by are shelved in the basement. Demand is low and space is precious but it ‘s seemed a shame to discard all those books. They deserve a second look during this new book drought. Look for Emilie Loring and Grace Livingstone Hill in the inspirational fiction, mysteries on the new book shelf, and westerns with the paperbacks. There are plenty more downstairs.

Magazine subscriptions are being evaluated to determine which ones will be renewed next year. The current prospects for 2010 are even worse than this year. The estimate is $114,000 which s 8% less than what was received in 2009. We had hoped to resume regular hours in 2010 and to pick up some staff hours but that probably will not happen. Money for materials was to be halved and those cuts may be more extensive. Money donated by the Fish and Game Association will be used for Field and Stream, North American Whitetail, and Ohio Game and Fish. Popular Mechanics and National Geographic will be renewed by an individual. Lightly used magazines can be donated.

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