Thursday, February 01, 2007

February 2007 Books & Computers

Computer updates are progressing and by the end of January we should be able to check books in and out with our new system InfoCentre. It will take us some time to become familiar with all the variant ins and outs but the big difference for patrons will be the ability to access the Wornstaff catalog online - that’s at home or wherever an Internet connected computer is available. In the meantime Chad Neeper of Level 9 Networks has been setting up a faster, more secure Internet connection for public users - and making our maintenance easier.

Book donations are generally accepted. Some additions or better condition replacements for the library collection are often provided along with adding to the book sale. There are some books such as older encyclopedias and textbooks that we’d just as soon not have and we’re not equipped to handle large quantities of books. It may make more sense to ask the donator to take that trip to Goodwill. On the other hand one recent donation was cheerfully accepted by a patron- a why I love the library story.

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