Friday, July 12, 2013

July 2013

Story Time - Thursdays  at 10:00
Dig Into the Past   July 15
Closing Party        July 22

Mondays  at 11:00
Dig Into Reading!
Closing Program 11:00 
Matt Jergens and his Juggling!

Movie Night
Journey to the Center of the Earth
.July 18 at 5:00

In past summers, there has been a lot of confusion at the circulation desk especially during our awesome Monday programs.  We have had too many materials on the shelf still checked out to folks.  So this summer we would like to try a new Returns Box on the table by the desk.  Help us to help you a little more efficiently!

 I guess we all like to be recognized not for one piece of fireworks, but for the ledger of our daily work.
Neil Armstrong
I am having trouble this summer.  This is the first summer that I have worked full time since 1996!   What I really want to do is relax in the lounge or hammock and read.  What I am actually doing is trying to figure out some of the new great features of our catalog and cleaning up some records.  The consortium is getting ready for a “de-duping” project  in August.  Which means that holds should be even easier and work a little more reliably  than they currently do.  Jane Horn

The Bookmark society will be meeting July 25th at 6:30.  
They will be discussing Wesley the Owl by  Stacey O’Brien.  

Looking for something to do?  Try, You can find things by type of activity or local community.

Keep us in mind. We could use materials for ongoing projects:  Washable gluesticks and glue, Markers, Paint store gift cards painting supplies, Small cafĂ© table & chairs/stools.

Are  there some new technologies that you may have spotted at another library that you would like to see at Wornstaff?  Some suggestions: e-books, play-aways, Blu-ray DVD’s. Or would you like to see more new audio, more new large print?
Please let us know!

We will be accepting applications for the position of custodian.
Don Baldwin will be retiring at the end of August.
The position is part-time averaging about 12 hours per week.  It involves cleaning and some maintenance responsibilities.

July 17th

the GREAT Matt Jergens and his awesome juggling
July 22

May 2017

We have a new website. Please check it out. Soils & Your Home Sewage Treatment System:  A Workshop...