Thursday, February 07, 2013

February 2013


Chinese New Year
Feb 7
Valentine’s Day
Feb 14
Hat’s Off to Books
Feb 21
Brush Your Teeth
Feb 28

The Bookmark society will be meeting February 28 at 6:30.  The book they will be reading and discussing is Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard.

Movie Night
We are taking a break for the month of February.

Keep us in mind. We could use materials for ongoing projects:

Digital camera   
Pallets for a Summer Reading project
Small clear containers 
Paint store gift cards & painting  supplies

Even though February is the shortest month,
it feels like the longest!

If you enjoy trivia quizzes try  There are quizzes in literature, sports, history,  geography …. It can be fun and helps keep your brain active!,  but the time limits can sometimes be stressful.

In addition to Valentine’s Day, February 14 is also Ferris Wheel Day!

We are busy preparing to migrate to a new catalog.  Because we are joining a consortium, we will need to update patron barcodes.  So you should be getting a new barcode on your card soon.

You may have noticed someone new at the library.  Rachel C.offield  Works at the Community Library in Sunbury.  She is working toward Master’s degree in Library Science and needed to have practicum/intern experience.  We are so lucky to have her here to help us out during the last push.  As we only have about a month until we go live on our new catalog.

Many patrons have asked about our annual magazine discard.  It will probably be in late February.  Between the extreme amount of books in our booksale and the desperation to finish putting new barcodes on everything, we might need to push it back a little later than usual this year.


A scrapbooking group has begun meeting at the library.  They are anxious to get more folks involved. They are currently meeting every other Friday, but if there is a day that would suit you better let us know.  Children are welcome to come along, too.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.  Martin Luther King, Jr.


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