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May 2013

Story time :   (Thursday morning at 10:00)

      At the Beach       May 3
Mother’s Day May 10
The Wild West May 17
Under Construction May 24
Let’s Play May 31
NO STORYTIME June 7 & 14

Storytime will take a two week break and resume on June 21st.  Summer themes will be coordinated with Summer Reading themes - featuring Night.

DREAM BIG READ starts June 18th.  Sign up and meet Ronald McDonald. Programs will be held Monday mornings at 11:00 and will start with a variety of activities including promotion for the Preservation Parks letterboxing adventure.  Following nature clues is a great way to familiarize the family with Delaware County’s resources - and you get a prize for doing it.    

What Do You Geek?  The Delaware Arts Festival on May 19th & 20th will include a county libraries table for the Geek campaign.  Stop by and say hello as you take advantage of Delaware’s annual arts and crafts festival. Promote your interests on the library’s GEEK board. Join the picture parade. Ashley village GEEKS swimming!  That means the pool will open.  Check the board for dates and fees.  We GEEK the pool - and Megan Wion’s participation.

The Bookmark Society will meet May 24 at 6:30, reading The Three Miss Margarets by Louise Shaffer. In case you’ve been intrigued but not persuaded by comments of the really good food and enjoyable company you can get a poster size good look at the happy group.  “We Geek book clubs.”

The Second Grade Opera is scheduled for May 23 & 24.  The AmeriKIDS will star in Red, White and Blues. Don’t miss this very unique event.  Next year the Central Ohio Symphony, with  a grant from the Ohio Arts Council, will have Marilyn Shrude     from Bowling Green University compose a piece for their former concert master, Ioana Alu.   Ms. Shrude will also work with the second grade opera at Buckeye Valley East Elementary.  A workshop at the Wornstaff Library, possibly on instrument making, is an additional proposal.  What a wonderful connection with the community!  Local resident Louise Ziegler has played a major role in the dulcimer revival, illustrated by Recreation Unlimited’s recent hosting of the 21st annual Buckeye Dulcimer Festival.    One story attributes Doug Felts’ introduction to his helping to build a cardboard dulcimer.   

Community Gardening updates:  Isaiah 2:4 calls for beating swords into plowshares and spears into pruning hooks which may be an appropriate lead-in for thanking Dean Baldwin for plowing the community garden area.  The Delaware Episcopalian Church will be using one section for produce for their monthly free dinner and the Brownies may be planting pumpkins.  Some space is available for individuals.  Plants started by the Brownies will be available for giveaway starting May 12.

Movie Night is May 17 at 5:00. Popcorn and drink are provided by the library.

Books on CD.  A huge donation will enable us to revamp our pretty pathetic collection.  There’s some interest but not enough to justify any active purchasing so what’s available now is a random assortment of cassette tapes and donations.  Included in this donation were numerous  books on cassette tapes which will be available in the book sale - as will many of ours currently in the audio section.    There are more materials to come including music CDs and paperbacks. All are from the estate of Jamieson T. Glade.  We are very appreciative of this generous donation.

A Social Painting Party is a new art as entertainment concept provided by library patron Kay Carroll, owner of the Art Nest.  Party goers receive supplies and instructions from a professional art instructor for the creation of an acrylic painting they get to keep.      

Electronic equipment recycling is available at Ohio Mulch on Route 42 just north of Delaware.  Computers, printers, cell phones and more can be dropped off at the site.  

A Passport to Your History features pages for each of the Ohio Historical Society’s 58 sites and attractions with a treasure hunt style question and space for personal notes.  Starting May 24 the Passport booklet and “I Visited” stickers will be available at historical Center each site.  Options include wildflower walks, vintage base ball games, flint knapping, a Civil War encampment, the Summer Festival of the Arts at Youngstown, an heirloom plant sale, and much more.  Tour Ohio.  Related Ohio attractions include the Statehouse Student Art Exhibit, War of 1812 with costumed  re-enactors at the Palace Theatre in Marion on May 5, Dawes Aboretum programs on urban gardening, native plants and a garden fair. 

Merry month of May quotes : 1)Ah! My heart is weary, waiting, Waiting for the May.  2.) May is a pious fraud of the almanac. 

May 2017

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