Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December 2011

Library Holiday closings: Dec. 24 & 26
No Storytime Dec. 22 & Dec. 29

Story time : (Thursday morning at 10:00)

Reindeer Dec. 1

Feed the Birds Dec. 8

Christmas Dec. 15

No Storytime Dec. 22 & Dec. 29

Unbirthday Party Jan. 5

Joyous Holidays to all our patrons and a very Happy New Year.

Thanks to Megan Burns for presenting the Reindeer program while Miss Vicky is on vacation. Megan is a regular helper at story time and hopes to become a children’s librarian. She has been the library page for six years and attends Ohio State Marion.

Credit Cards presented by the Delaware County Bank is the concluding program in Making Cents the Delaware County Libraries collaborative financial literacy series. Delaware Main on Dec. 1, Orange Branch on Dec. 15, and the Wornstaff Library in Ashley on Dec. 13 at 6:30.

The Bookmark Society will meet Dec. 1 at 6:30 to discuss The Room by Emma Donoghue. The next meeting will be Jan. 26, 2012.

Game Day is set for Wednesday afternoon, from 2:00 - 4:00 on December 28. Bring a favorite game and a friend or another family member. The library provides some old-fashioned skittles and up to date refreshments. Everybody is welcome.
Delaware County’s three library boards held a retreat in October and have chosen publicity of library databases as a joint project for the coming year. A statewide project provides all public libraries with a core collection of databases including magazine articles, language programs, genealogy, and medical resources. This information and much, much more can be accessed through the Internet either at a library or at one’s home. But not everyone (understatement) knows. Awareness, awareness, awareness - that’s the word for 2012.

COOL consortium, a group of eight or nine libraries with a common open source library program, has been meeting regularly and is looking forward to the submission of a grant proposal that would provide funds for the beginning migration to the system. Chauncey Montgomery, director of the Sunbury Community Library has been the prime mover in this project and is first on the list. The Wornstaff Library is currently in a second group that will follow within the year. This is an exciting collaborative solution to programs that are being phased out and increasing technological support requirements.

Book shelf transport is on our wish list. Over a year ago the Central Ohio Symphony offered the library book shelves that were inherited with their Winter Street location. Memory dims but there are two units, probably eight feet long, four feet high, two feet wide needing a big truck and a some burly guys. You’d get a thank you from both institutions.
Crafty Book Sale alert : A large quantity of needlecraft books has been donated to the library. We’ve made our list and checked it twice and there are many available for sale. Quilting and needlepoint are frequent topics. Take this opportunity to update your personal collection or to provide a bonus gift for a stitchy friend.
Boring but important That’s the tag line for a column in one of the news magazines. Fitting the bill is the renewal of a four library agreement concerning the distribution of state public library funds. State funds are distributed to each county and any necessary division within the county is determined or approved by the county budget commission. There are three separate library systems in Delaware County : The Wornstaff Library in Ashley, The Delaware County District Library in Delaware (and Powell and Ostrander and the Orange Branch) and the Community Library in Sunbury. The Westerville Library is a school district library with area in Delaware County and as the result of a tax law suit also receives a portion of the Delaware County distribution. An agreement established in the mid-nineties has been in operation since then and will continue.

More Louis L’Amour. Thanks to some other donations we have been able to supplement and refurbish our selection - and share the duplicates.

Inventory is done. There are no statistics at this point but the larger benefit is a more up-to-date catalog. No more “yes, the book is in the catalog but we cannot find it on the shelf” - or (more probably) it is way, way overdue and either way you might as well forget about it though we can order it for you from another library.

Unreturned materials do seem to account for most of our losses and we are trying to be a bit more proactive about overdues. People come and go - and take their checked out books and DVDs with them or just leave them behind. And it was all free.

Happier Holiday Notes on which to end the year and the newsletter. Amidst lots of talk about the pleasures of Christmas in Ashley we are reminded of the pleasures of being the library in Ashley, especially how much we enjoy the personal interaction with our patrons. There are still some benefits in being small.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

November 2011

Story time : (Thursday morning at 10:00)

Bread & Butter        Nov. 3
Squirrels        Nov. 10
Thanksgiving        Nov. 17
No Storytime        Nov. 24
Reindeer        Dec. 1

Fraud, a program on protecting your money,  will be presented by a representative from the Delaware County Bank on November 15 at 7: 00 at the Wornstaff Library. This program is also available at the Delaware County District Library on Nov. 3. Right on the Money, a family program, is available at the Orange Branch on Nov. 9 and at The Sunbury Community Library on Nov. 10.   All of these programs are in the Making Cents : A Financial Literacy Series jointly promoted by the libraries of Delaware County.

The Buckeye Book Fair will be held in Wooster on November 5.  Fliers with complete listings of authors, books and activities are available at the library.   The focus is on authors from Ohio and books about Ohio.  Talk with the author, buy signed, discounted books.  Visit Lehman’s Hardware and the surrounding Amish community.  Enjoy the day.

The Bookmark Society will meet Thursday Dec. 1, and will read Room by Emma Donoghue. The next meeting will be Jan. 26. All are welcome.

Christmas in Ashley is coming Dec. 3, looking for as enjoyable, festive, and successful a celebration as last year.  Clean milk jug donations  may be made at the library to expand the luminary route.  Individuals outside the route are encouraged to put out their own luminaries. Milk jug design and a candle signup are available at the library. Scouts will deliver candles to those needing them. 

Movie night showed Red Riding Hood and served popcorn and soda.  Nine persons attended and one of them suggested making this a weekly event. Once a month might  be more feasible. Is there a better evening? Do we need permission slips for PG-13 movies?? Could we have a monthly movie discussion group similar to a book club?

Family / After School Science   We’ve been looking at a grant that could be used for materials and programs encouraging young people’s interest in engineering and electricity.  It seems like a worthwhile project - especially  programs which would involve hands-on making things and experimenting.  Materials for projects would be helpful  but books, etc. are harder to come by.  We have all the Popular Mechanics DVDS for kids and a good selection of hands-on science.  Comments?

Daylight Savings Time ends on Nov. 6, a little later in the United States than usual or than a few other countries. Russia is just not going to change having decided that it is too confusing for both cows and people and better suited to our present more urban life style. Some northern areas won’t be light until 10:00.  You can save that daylight for later in the day but you can’t make more of it.  

Veterans’ Day Remembrance Day  Armistice Day, - remember all our service men and women.

National Caregivers Month is one of November’s designations.  The Delaware Council for Older Adults certainly recognizes the value of all those individuals who serve as caregivers. The Council provides many services for older adults which complement and ease the caregiver’s work, along with support groups for caregivers. A display at the library highlights those services to both older adults and caregivers. 

Adoption and Foster Parenting is the focus of another display featuring informative pamphlets and promoting the need for participants.  The Delaware Orange Library will celebrate adoption with an Adoption Open House on November 14 from 9:30 - 11:00.Call the Delaware County Jobs and Family Services for any questions : 740-833-2340. 

Book Clubs abound.  There’s the Bookmark Society at the Wornstaff Library. There’s a men only one in Delaware.  Books are printed with book club guides in the back.  Then there are two rather beyond the norm possibilities in the area - The Shakespeare Club and The Joyce Group.  Both are trying to recruit new members.  The Delaware Shakespeare Club was founded in 1878 and is the oldest Shakespeare Club in America and the oldest social group in Delaware. If you like plays and books they are your kind of people.  They next meet Nov. 10 and the topic is Unruly Women. For more information call John Kneisley 740-363-3245. The Joyce Group is about 100 years younger and has been reading Finnegans Wake by James Joyce. The end is near but fortunately the final sentence is concluded on page 1. Joyce said he wanted anyone anywhere in the world to be able to open the book and enjoy.  It does seem that it connects with everything and vice versa with lots of word play and way too much fun.  Ask Elizabeth Barker 747-3909.  

New DVDs include Water for Elephants, Bridesmaids, Rodrick Rules, Comics without Borders, Yoga, Winnie the Pooh, and Hanna.  This month’s PTO donation was Zookeeper.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

October 2011

Story time : (Thursday morning 10:00)

Llama Lama Red Pajama Oct. 6

Pizza, Pasta, & Popcorn Oct. 13

Fire Safety Oct. 20

Halloween Oct. 27

Bread & Butter Nov. 3

Read for the Record Millions of children in low income neighborhoods are at risk of school failure before they start kindergarten. On October 6 more than 2 million people will call for an end to America’s early education gap by reading Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney - setting a world record in the process. Sit down to read in your community. You’ll be standing up for children everywhere.

The Fire Safety program will be enhanced by a visit of two firemen, Amy and Matt, from the local Elm Valley Fire Department. The department also donated fire safety materials for the program.

Right on the Money, a family program, in the Making Cents financial literacy series will be presented at the Wornstaff Library on Wednesday October 5 at 7:00. Activities and general information will provide a fun, educational experience for the whole family. It makes cents to attend. Check the list of county programs.

The Bookmark Society will meet on Oct. 27 at 6:30. They are reading We Are All Welcome Here by Elizabeth Berg.

Ashley Walking Group meets at the library at 6:00 on Sunday evenings for a stroll around the village. See the village. Enjoy the company of your neighbors. It’s the easiest exercise - for your health.

Why Farm ? is an exhibit of art and texts at CCAD in Columbus through Oct. 15. Why Farm? seeks to explore the rewards and challenges of farming to encourage an understanding of a profession and a livelihood upon which we rely but about which we know very little. Delaware is an agricultural county.

Corn Husking Contest at Ottawa Bota Farm, on Oct. 8, 9:00am. Look for the red ears of corn.

Child’s Play : Games in 19th Century America at the Kelton House Museum in Columbus on Oct. 16, 2:00.

A new roof now protects the back two sections of the library thanks to M and R Roofing. The project was slightly delayed by more rain but we won’t have to worry about water in our one light fixture for many years to come.

Halloween is coming. Ideas for costumes and decorations in books and magazines make for good rainy day browsing while waiting for the big day. Village council has set Trick or Treat Night for Monday night Oct. 31, time to be announced. The school parade Oct. 31. Storytime Halloween is Oct. 27. Enjoy the season…and the next.

Christmas in Ashley planning dates are Oct. 20 & Nov. 17. Sponsors and homes to tour are needed. Contact Amy Ruggles 747-2028. Let’s celebrate.
The No Obligation Book Club in Real Simple magazine has a question of the month. Some recent ones of interest have been: What book character would you like to be? What book do you most frequently quote? and What book do you often recommend?

Fungus among us: It’s lovely weather for mushrooms in all sorts of shapes and colors. Armchair viewing is available in guide books which are as pretty as the Extraordinary Chicken portraits.

The Library Food Garden program evaluation is part of our commitment for the grant funds we received last year. One area in which we haven’t done very well is contributions to the BVEE food pantry. Not on our list was the library as a point for distribution. People have brought in squash, and cucumbers, and tomatoes, and peppers, and beans - and various patrons have reaped the benefits. If we had room we could consider expanding our book sale to ever so much more.

Books to Movies : There’s been a recent run on The Help apparently related to the movie release. Water for Elephants has had a pretty steady circulation which does not seem to be affected by the movie. Jane Austen has all those movie devotees and scores of derivatives and nobody seems to care about the original novels. ???

Proctoring exams at the library is another continuing education service to go along with study guides, online resources, and tutoring space. It can be of real value to people currently upgrading their education and skills through online classes.

Do some homework before signing up for classes. Check the school for completion and hiring rates. Be sure the requirements are compatible with your resources and learning style. Don’t forget about the increasing availability of more traditional classes in the area - OSU Marion, Marion Tech, Franklin, and Columbus State.

Banned Book Week was the end of September and the library celebrated by displaying several books (available for checkout) that have been challenged. The Gazette’s editorial page’s Voltaire quote seems appropriate: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” It’s also worthwhile pointing out that most schools permit alternative readings if parents object to their child’s being required to read a specific book. Coming in October 16-22 is Teen Read Week. Teens can celebrate by reading and adults can do that crossover thing - there are good books there.

Friday, September 02, 2011

September 2011

Storytime : (Thursday morning 10:00)

Back to School Sept. 1

Grandparents’ Day Sept. 8

At the Fair ! Sept. 15

Curious Day Sept. 22

Fall Farm Fun Sept. 29

Llama Llama Red Pajama Oct. 6

Storytime programs include readings, finger plays, a craft and (usually) a snack. Programs last approximately 45 minutes. Parents are welcome to stay with their children and participation throughout the program is optional. Storytime is open to all preschoolers and no registration is necessary. Caregivers and storytimers often stay after the program for playtime in the children’s room, book selection, and socializing.

The Bookmark Society will meet Thursday Sept. 22 at 6:30. They are reading Jill Smolinski”s The Next Thing on My List , a guilt-ridden young woman tackles someone else’s to do list with interesting results. All readers are welcome.

Delaware County Leads Headstart donated a book cart to the library which makes it much easier to sort and shelve returned books. Another furniture addition came from Buckeye Valley East - a low computer table that will be a real asset to story time.

Thank You The County Liners 4-H Club earned $320.60 with a car wash, and they donated the money to the Wornstaff Library. The money will be used for purchasing some appropriate books and, possibly, presenting a related program.

September - the Buddha Board back at the desk, the school bus in the Children’s room, two foot red noodle beans, School! and the fair.

Barbara Nibert, a long time library employee and frequent “front person at the desk, will be retiring at the end of September. She will be missed by many patrons and the rest of the staff. Please take time during the month to thank her for her years of service and the friendly face she offers library patrons.

The August Community Garden program, Preparing Fresh Vegetables was presented by Dianne May from the Delaware OSU Extension Office. She discussed the values of a rainbow of fruits and vegetables and fixed a zucchini casserole which was shared with those attending. Participants brought some produce and vegetable dishes to share. Handouts on the purchase, care, and use of fresh produce;; and seasoning vegetables were provided. There will be a garden clean-up meeting to review this year and plan for next year sometime in October. Enjoy the Fair !

Ashley Walking Group Sign up for the FREE 8-week non-competitive walking group and get a FREE pedometer. Thursday evening, September 8 at 6:00pm is the starting date. Contact Audra Jordan at the Delaware County Health Department. 740-203-2012 or

Delaware County Fair Booklets are available at the library. Booklets include a full schedule of exhibits and judging and specifications for categories. The All-Horse Parade is Sunday, Sept. 11 at 3:00. The fair starts Sept. 17 and ends Sept. 24. Labor Day - celebrate with a book. Cool Women, Hot Jobs ; Gig ; Dangerous Jobs ; Water Cooler Diaries ; and 50 Jobs Worse Than Yours all portray various aspects of working. For the more serious minded there’s Death in the Haymarket (about the first labor movement) and a DVD, Harlan County.

Ashley Polling Site for precincts A & B has been changed from the Wornstaff library to White Lily. Voting for both precincts was recently consolidated at the library. Now a second change has been made as a review of the facilities by the election board had concerns that the library space would not be adequate for the number of voters anticipated in 2012. We have been assured that this change is no reflection on the library.

Money Counts is a series of financial literacy programs collaboratively presented by The Wornstaff Library, The Sunbury Community Library, and the Delaware County District Library. The Wornstaff Library programs will begin on Oct. 5 with a “Right on the Money” family program, followed by a Nov. 15 program on Fraud and a Dec. 13 program on Credit Cards. Programs at the other libraries also include Investments, Shopping on a Shoestring, Credit Reports, and Wall Street Wizards. Pick up a full schedule of programs and fit appropriate ones into your schedule.

Back to School : Your library can help. Bring your laptop to the library and take advantage of the wireless connection. Use the library computers. There’s no time limit (and perhaps a little help) when you sign on to do homework. Whether you are in the library or at home you can access databases that can help through the library website ( MasterFILE Premier provides real full-text magazine articles. Learning Express has aids and practice tests for a variety of subjects. Mango Languages could be your own personal tutor.

Books are still valuable sources of information - especially if the assignment involves reading one. We can even borrow from other libraries so if there is a special project or a hard to find novel, a little planning ahead can get make a difference.

Homeschoolers may really appreciate library resources. That borrowing aspect is good, plus reference materials, and multiple sources. The library also has a Home School section with textbooks, reproducible worksheets, and supplementary materials.

Home Learning Media and Discovery Kits also provide supplementary materials ranging from exploring feelings with preschoolers to a weather station, microscope, or electricity kit.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

August 2011

Story time : There will be no children’s programs in August. Storytime will resume on Thursday morning September 1, at 10:00. All preschoolers are welcome and no registration is required. Caregivers may stay with their children. Programs last approximately forty-five minutes and include stories, finger plays, craft activities and a small related snack. Children often stay after the program for extra playtime in the children’s room.

Storytime supplies needed include washable glue sticks, markers, Crayola crayons, lunch sacks, and plain paper plates. Donations are appreciated and sometimes before school promotions have great bargains. Thank you for thinking of the library.

Buckeye Valley students go back to school August 31 (later than most because of renovation projects). Supply lists for Buckeye Valley East Elementary are available online and at the library.

The Library Community Garden will have a program on fresh food preparation with Diane Mays from the Delaware County Extension Service on Saturday August 20 at 2:00. People are invited to bring their recipes to share.

The Canning and Freezing program with Joyce Fittro had fourteen attendees with the focus on freezing. Handouts on safe, updated procedures for both canning and freezing are available. Produce from the community garden plot was shared.

The Brownie Scouts have planted pumpkins in one community garden area. This is a fund raising project for them. The Delaware Episcopal Church has planted the other area for produce for their free community dinners and for distribution.

The Ashley Corn Show is August 4, 5, & 6.

Blood Drive August 4 5:00 - 10:00

Attendance total for the first through sixth grade summer reading program has been 167 and for story time 70. One World Many Stories has been an interesting theme with lots of possibilities. Final statistics allow a little vacation leeway and will be in September’s newsletter. Prize winners are still making their choices. August will certainly be a calmer month. The Eiffel Tower will make room for the school bus and then the train table. The Buddha board will replace the Canon 3D paper craft creations on the desk. And then another school year will begin and summer will be over. Next year’s theme is Dream Big - Read! and there are already ideas and book possibilities to sort through.

The Comedy & Juggling of Matt Jergens was rated by Miss Vicky as the best program ever. Fifty-five children attended and a wonderful time was held by all. Included was a juggling jamboree which offered practice with Chinese Yoyos, etc.

The Bookmark Society will meet August 25 at 6:30. The selected book has not been announced. All book lovers are invited to join a social evening with refreshments.
BVEE SACC children have walked to the library on Tuesday afternoons for a story (read by Jane Horn) and books to take back to the school. The younger group has joined the Thursday morning Storytime on a few days.

Perseid Meteor Showers peak August 13 & 14. Blues Creek Park has a special free Saturday Aug. 13 campout with plenty of activities.

Family Movie Night in August?? Maybe. The teen movie night was enjoyed by eight teens - and served as a test use for the projector. We should make use of having that capability. Suggestions for times and titles are welcome.

Proctoring exams has been popular recently with the third patron request currently in process. Perhaps taking online or correspondence courses (not a bad idea, especially in relation to the job market) is what’s popular.

August events include continuing performances of three - better than 3-D - outdoor dramas at New Philadelphia (Trumpet in the Land and White Savage) Chillicothe (Tecumseh) and Cambridge (The Living Word). Check for outdoor concerts. Marysville has the Balloon Fest Aug. 19 & 20. There’s a Tomato Festival in Reynoldsburg, a Melon Festival in Dresden, a Sweet Corn Festival in Millersport, and the Bratwurst Festival in Bucyrus. It’s the summer finale.

The County Liners 4-H Club is having a car wash at the Delaware County Bank parking lot on August 13. They are donating their proceeds to the Wornstaff Library. We appreciate the support and hope they will be supported in this effort.

The Book Display commemorates the NASA space shuttle program which recently ended. There’s a healthy sample of science fiction and some interesting somewhat related reads. There’s more than one way to go where no one has gone before.

Library bonuses : A recent article on the rise in Netflicks’ prices ended with a public library mention. DVDs can be borrowed at NO cost, and thanks to interlibrary loan we get you things we don’t have. There are Discovery Packs for the younger set, Home Learning Media for students, and books and magazines for everyone . It’s all FREE. Use our open wireless anytime. Visit your library today.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

July 2011

One World Many Stories

Antarctica (sign-up) June 20

Africa (worm race) June 27

The Americas July 5

Europe July 11
(cartooning with Dan Collins)

 Australia July 18
Asia July 25

Back in the U.S.A. July 30 (closing program) (Saturday)
The Comedy & Juggling of Matt Jergens

Storytime for preschoolers is Thursday morning at 10:00. Summer programs share the One World, Many Stories theme and program topics parallel the Monday presentations.

Questions to Antarctica are being e-mailed to an astronomer at the South Pole.

Adult readers can receive an Ohio travel and event packet. Their first review will be rewarded with a Ohio State Parks camping coupon.

Weekly drawings for free admissions and discount coupons for Ohio events are held. Sign-ups are limited to one per family per week but no reading is required !

Teen Movie Night is July 27. The Tourist will be shown and drinks and popcorn will be provided.

The Bookmark Society will meet on July 28 at 6:30. The selected book is Half Broke Horses by Jeanette Walls. All book lovers are invited.

Read with Me Storytime children and caregivers can receive a book, an Ohio State Park camping discount, and McDonald’s certificates by completing six reading activities. It’s a fun way to include reading in summer family time and helps to develop learning skills. Suggestions for the summer months include encouraging children to spend time reading, reading to young children daily - and talking about the stories. Older children also enjoy (and benefit from) being read to or sharing an audio book during car trips. Magazines, instructions, even recipes provide reading practice. There’s more involved than just sitting down and reading books.

Summer Reading statistics : Monday morning programs have 107 children signed up and 149 hours already read. It’s been a busy morning with 40-50 children attending plus miscellaneous parents and an ample supply of much appreciated helpers. Twenty-three teens have read 80 hours. There were 23 preschoolers at Storytime with expectations of being joined by the younger SACC group. The older ones are coming for a story and book selection on Tuesdays. Our adult readers are less visible.

Summer Letterbox Adventure with Preservation Parks of Delaware County is a great way to familiarize your family with six parks in the area. The trail to each letterbox introduces special features of the park and encourages a careful look at the natural environment. There are incentives for visiting all six. Sign up at Delaware libraries.

The Library Community Garden July program focuses on canning and freezing and will offer instruction by a certified USDA person. The program time and date will be announced. Morrow County extension educator Dana Copple will test dial gauge pressure canners on July 19 and Aug. 16 at the OSU Extension office in Mt. Gilead.

Free Kids’ Movies are shown at The Strand Theatre in Delaware on Tuesdays 11:00am and 2:30pm through August 16.

Local Events : Harmony in the Park on Sunday evenings, Perkins Observatory programs, Summer Harvest Festival at Ottawa-Bota Farm, Gardening and Arts Festival at Scioto Gardens, Blast from the Past Cruise-in, flea markets, farmers‘ market …and yard sales everywhere. We may even have some days with sunshine for better enjoyment.

Tour the world in Ohio. Towns with names of foreign countries and cities include Palestine, Warsaw, Toledo, Berlin. There’s an Ohio map posted with markings to lead you to all those places. Toledo has big city attractions. Small town Berlin is a tourist’s mecca. Warsaw, on the other hand could be a challenging adventure trip. Life in the Slow Lane: Fifty Back Road Tours of Ohio, or Ohio Pride : a Guide to Ohio Roadside History might help. So could A Taste of Ohio History : a Guide to Historic Eateries and Their Recipes. And can take you all over the country.

The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure may have been inspiring to some. Ohio Trails and Greenways has information about bicycle friendly routes and those marvelous rails to trails opportunities.

Special thanks to Heather and Claire McRae for sharing their Eiffel Tower collection and to Jane Horn for our paper panda and penguin and pyramid. You, too, can spend hours crafting critters. Just Google Canon 3D paper craft.

Follow the theme : The end of the range display features adult books related to the continent of the week. Some African locales include The Falcon at the Portal by Elizabeth Peters, The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver, The African Queen by C.S. Forester, and Emil Ludwig’s The Nile. Visit Europe through Emily Grayson’s Night Train to Lisbon, Best European Fiction 2010, The Moon Spinners by Mary Stewart, Death in Holy Orders by P.D. James, and The Mouse that Roared by Leonard Wibberly. Happy traveling.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

June 2011

Story time : There will be no story time on June 2, 9, & 16.
Story time will resume on Thursday morning at 10:00 on June 23, the week summer reading starts.

One World Many Stories

Antarctica (sign-up) June 20

Africa (worm race) June 27

Europe July 5

(cartooning with Dan Collins)

The Americas July 11 Australia July 18

Asia July 25

Back in the U.S.A. July 30 (closing program) (Saturday)
The Comedy & Juggling of Matt Jergens

The 2011 Summer Reading Program begins on Monday, June 20, at 11:00. These programs last approximately one hour and include book related talks and craft activities. Participants can keep track of reading time and earn various incentives. The programs are geared for grades one through six. Sign-up begins with the June 20 program and can be done anytime after that date.

Teens can sign-up (and get a prize) starting June 20. Teen Night, June 29 at 6:30 will feature temporary body art and international foods and crafts. Teen Movie Night July 27 at 6:00 will show The Tourist and provide popcorn and a drink.

Preschool story time will resume on Thursday mornings at 10:00, starting June 23, with themes related to the summer reading program. Children and their caregivers can earn prizes in the Read with Me program which consists of several reading readiness activities designed for fun & learning.
Adults who sign-up will receive an Ohio travel and event packet. Their first review will be rewarded with a Ohio State Parks camping coupon.

Weekly drawings for free admissions and discount coupons for Ohio events will be held. Sign-ups are limited to one per family per week but no reading is required !

Community Garden planting day was sparsely attended perhaps because there actually was sunshine. Master gardener Nancy Reynolds and Twana Smith spaded and planted the small garden area at 201 South Street with a sampling of less familiar vegetables. FREE PLANTS AND SEEDS ARE STILL AVAILABLE.

The still unplowed garden areas are being cleared. An exciting development is the interest of the Delaware Episcopalian Church’s interest in planting a section to provide vegetables for their gardening project. Plots can be reserved. It’s not too late to plant. Many vegetables have short seasons.

Garden Maintenance could be a good topic for June 18, Saturday at 2:00. The plants are in the ground but there is still work to be done before the benefits are on your plate. Come to the library.

The Bookmark Society will meet on Thursday June 23 at 6:30. The selected book is Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See, the story of two women in 19th century China. All book lovers are invited to join the group.
New DVDs include The King’s Speech, True Grit, The Deathly Hallows, The Tourist, Despicable Me, Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and Love Finds a Home plus The Botany of Desire and Planet Earth. Now on DVD are Outsiders, Shawshank Redemption, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Bambi.

Replacements for unreturned materials are another category. Whether deliberate or careless, moving seems to seriously impact our DVD collection - wiping out six at a time, or more, when it is Band of Brothers. It’s, well, criminal.

Kudos to the BVEE second grade Lazy Bones Opera Company for their excellent production of The Princess and the Posy. Thanks to the Gazette for front page coverage and more especially to Candy Staley and her class plus that long list of volunteers and contributors. Those who missed the performance can view the DVD produced by Scott Horn - soon to be available at your local library.

June events : Perkins Observatory has weekly programs on Friday June 3, 10,17, and 24 with program content dependent upon sky conditions.

The Pig & Corn Roast sponsored by the Council for Older Adults is Saturday June 11.

Youth Fishing Derby at Delaware State Park is Saturday June 18 at 9, 10, & 11. Poles and refreshments are provided.

GOBA, the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure, June 18-25, loops through Delaware County on the 20-21.

Delaware Amateur Radio Field Day is June 25 and 26. Watch local ham operators; be on the air.

Farmers’ Markets are open, the Gales are back in business on Route 42 at the south edge of Ashley. There’s sheep cheese available from Ben and Lisa Sippel ( .

Gooding Scholarships from the Community Foundation of Delaware are available to college students entering their sophomore, junior, or senior year. Applicants should be Delaware residents who attended local schools. Last year 75 scholarships totaling $145,000 were awarded.

Online resources coming soon to a library near you include Mango Languages and Ancestry the library edition. The Ancestry program will only be available in the library but this premier database should be a welcome addition for genealogy buffs. We may have to extend our computer time to its users along with those for homework, employment, and business. We could not afford a subscription. All the computer databases available at this library are paid for by the State Library’s OPLIN project - and soon there will be fiber optic connections.

Friday, April 29, 2011

May 2011

Storytime: (Thursday mornings at 10:00)

Mother’s Day May 5

Pets May 12

At the Pond May 19

The Zoo May 26

NO STORYTIME June 2, June 9, June 16
One World, Many Stories begins June 23

Summer Reading will start on June 20. This year’s theme is One World, Many Stories which provides a wonderful opportunity for exploring countries and cultures all over the globe.

Storytimers can earn McDonald’s coupons and books by completing reading readiness activities.

1st - 6th grade will have regular Monday morning programs
and can earn books, coupons and prizes by reading.

Teens receive an incentive for signing up and hourly reading and have two programs.

Adults receive a tour Ohio packet and can earn State Park camping discounts and prizes.

Weekly drawing for Ohio discount tickets.

The Comedy and Juggling of Matt Jergens will provide the finale on Saturday July 30.

The Bookmark Society will meet on Thursday May 26 at 6:30 and are reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett. All readers and book lovers are welcome to join the group for a convivial evening .

Local voting issues on the May ballot include a 6 mill Ashley police levy, the county wide 911 renewal levy, and the Delaware County Board of Developmental Disabilities renewal. Polls are open from 6:30am-7:30pm.

Delaware County Master Gardeners are hosting a discussion on the benefits of community gardening at the William Street Methodist Church in Delaware on Monday, May 2 at 6:30.

The Library Food Garden Workshop on Saturday May 21 at 2:00 will, we hope, be a planting day at Mandy Bear’s House, 201 South Street. There will definitely be plants to share. Take a look at the peas and lettuce in the straw bale cold frame. Don’t forget, the library has garden tools for checkout including a sod stripper.

Nine people attended the Herbs and Vegetables program presented by master gardener Susan Leichty. Handouts listed compatible vegetables and herbs and included several recipes. Suggestions for preserving herbs included freezing, drying, simple syrup infusions, and layering in salt.

Community Garden plots will be available if the ground ever dries out enough to plow and plant. Sign up at the library.

The Trout Fishing Tournament will take place at Ashley’s Newman Park reservoir on Saturday May 7 from 8:00am to noon. Lunch will be served and trophies awarded. Youths up to age 12 are eligible but must be accompanied by an adult and have their own fishing pole and bait. Pre-registration is available at the library and village office or can be done at the tournament.

Ashley Healthy Neighborhood The Delaware General Health District needs local input and help in developing health related community activities. Suggestions have included a farmer’s market (or DATA transportation to Delaware’s), fitness classes, community gardens, family cooking classes, and teen groups. Call Audra Jordan 740-203-2012.

Multicultural readiness for One World, Many Stories - Asian Festival at Franklin Park in Columbus on May 28 & 29, and Native American Traditional PowWow at Franklin County Fairgrounds in Hilliard May 28-30. lists activities in the area. May 20-22 has a Civil War Enactment in Sunbury and the Delaware Arts Festival is May 14 & 15.

Orange Branch Library community open house is Saturday May 14, 10:00-2:00 at 7171 Gooding Boulevard. Check out Delaware’s new addition !

Children’s Book Week is May 1 - 7. April was your month for reading poetry. Here’s your excuse for indulging in picture books - one of the valuable perks of being a librarian which we’re willing to share. Ike LaRue the dog, rabbit siblings Max and Ruby, Lily of the purple plastic purse, Olivia the charming egotistical pig are enjoyable characters who would be glad to make your acquaintance.

Workers’ Rights are internationally celebrated on May 1st, a day of demonstrations for an 8 hour work day in 1890.

May Day is a spring festival in many countries.

Memorial Day, now on the last Monday in May, originally honored those who died in the Civil War. Today it provides recognition for all Americans who gave their lives in military service. Our display case will feature military memorabilia.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

April 2011

Story time : (Thursday morning 10:00)

Library Week is Coming April 7

How Does Your Garden Grow? April 14

Easter April 21

Rainy Days April 28

Mother’s Day May 5

Homeschool Book Talk is scheduled for Tuesday, April 12 at 2:30. The week before is Money Smart Week and that’s the general theme. Some educational materials have been provided by the Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank and The Bank.

Programs are geared for first through sixth grade. Theme related activities and refreshments are part of the program. All homeschoolers are invited.

Game Day will be held Wednesday April 6 from 2:00 - 4:00. Meet at the library for food and fun during spring break. All ages are welcome. Bring your favorite non-electronic game to share with others or take advantage of our selection which includes skittles. Bring your parents, your siblings, and your friends.

The Library Food Garden Workshop on Saturday April 16 at 2:00 will be led by the Backyard Master Gardener Susan Leichty. She will talk on using herbs with homegrown vegetables. Growing and cooking ideas will be shared in a round table discussion. Susan Leichty and Connie Zuga helped the Brownies start seeds for starter garden plants to be given away at the May meeting. The Saturday March 19 meeting competed with summery weather but five attendees constructed and planted the straw bale cold frame in front of the library. Thanks to Bill and Shirley Thurston for donating the straw bales.

Poetry should not mean But be. - Archibald MacLeish

Poetry is truth in its Sunday clothes. -Joseph Roux
The Bookmark Society will meet Thursday, April 28, at 6:30 and is reading Arranged Marriage by Chitra Banerjee - a collection of stories about India-born girls and women in America as they balance old treasured beliefs and surprising new desires. The club celebrated its second birthday at the March meeting. Many thanks to organizer Marsha Carroll. All book lovers are welcome.

National Library Week is April 10 -16. That’s seven days to celebrate. Try seven ways to enjoy your library. Come to a program (3 that week!), Order an old time favorite movie. Take advantage of high speed wireless Internet. Browse the hundred magazines or the $1 a bag book sale. Read a book.

Call with a reference question. Love your library -for bonus points. has a new category Library”, a collaborative effort of all the Delaware County libraries : Wornstaff Library, Community Library in Sunbury and the Delaware County District Library. This makes it easy to search for story times, book clubs, and other library programs which fit your schedule and provide a wider awareness of program opportunities.

Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by Ashley Village will take place Saturday April 23 at 1:00 at Newman Park (swimming pool / reservoir area). This is for youth up to 8 years old. Volunteers and donations are still needed. Contact Elaine McFarland at 740-747-2891. Help support local activities for youth.
Legislative Day for Libraries was March 24 and Delaware County District Library, the Community Library of Sunbury and Wornstaff Library were all represented. Ohio Library Council spokesperson Lynda Murray reviewed the status of library related legislation. The overwhelming personal response from library users last year made a continuing impression on legislators.

A large group met with Senator Kris Jordan to express relief that library cuts were limited to an additional 5% while emphasizing the importance of libraries for computer and Internet access, preschool literacy, and general information - plus the library’s function as a community center. Andrew Brenner was not available for our appointment with him.

Probable future dependence on a significant portion of local funding raises concerns about equitable library service, charges for out of area patrons, and the uncertainty, cost, and time of levy campaigns.

Internet access will be updated this summer - a prime example of the benefits of statewide library support and collaboration. The state OPLIN project brought Internet access to all Ohio public libraries many years ago - and long before Ashley would have managed that step. It pays the Wornstaff Library annual cost of $7000 for internet access and data circuits and provides EBSCOhost, a popular magazine, etc.. database, for $559 as opposed to an individual cost of $11,940.

State wide funding enables many collaborative projects and provides much economy of scale. Interlibrary loan is another example. Sharing books throughout the state helps patrons get the materials they want and reduces duplication of lower circulating items.

April is Poetry Month. Take time to sample and enjoy some poems. Narratives, limericks, haiku, Shakespearian sonnets, and modern blank verse - surely there is something to like amongst them all.

National promotions suggests “a poem in your pocket” day on April 14 -great for sharing favorites.

Poems come like boats With sails for wings ; Crossing the sky swiftly They slip under tall bridges Of clouds. - Hilda Conkling.

Monday, February 28, 2011

March 2011

Story time

Thank You, Dr. Seuss Mar. 3

Pancakes Mar. 10

St. Patrick’s Day Mar. 17

It’s Spring ! Mar. 24

Celebrate Art Mar. 31

Library Week Is Coming April 7

Gardening series: Seed Starting is the basic topic for the March 19 program. There will be seed to share and tips on starting seeds at home. Plus, help make a straw bale cold frame and plant lettuce and spinach. The Backyard Master Gardeners will be here on March 15 to help the Girl Scouts start seeds for plants to be distributed in May.

The Buckeye Dulcimer Festival is set for March 9 - 13 with Friday and Saturday night concerts $10). Workshops are available during the day. This is the 20th annual event, organized by Ashley’s own Louise Ziegler and held at Recreation Unlimited. Develop your own musical skills or just enjoy the music of other well trained and talented musicians. All proceeds go to Recreation Unlimited.

Maple sugar time is here. Three area festivals provide an opportunity to view the operations, share the experience, and enjoy a breakfast. Camp Lazarus is open two Saturdays March 5 and 12. Stratford Ecological Center has tours on March 5 & 19, and tours and a reservation only breakfast on March. 12. The Lutheran Camp on Route 61 has breakfast on Sunday March 13. Indians produced maple sugar long before white settlers arrived and it was a basic sweetener for the pioneers. You get a history lesson along with motivation for venturing out into the cold to celebrate a genuine harbinger of spring as the trees come out of dormancy. Stay tuned for the chorus of frogs, the march of the salamanders and the return of the buzzards.
** Attention Harry Potter Fans ** The Central Ohio Symphony is providing a Magical Musical Month of March as promotion for its March 27 concert featuring The Harry Potter Suite and Carmina Burana. Downtown Delaware will be turned into Harry Potter locales on First Friday, March 4. Get your house assignment and free train ticket from the Sorting Hat at Platform 9 ¾ ( 24 E. Winter St.). Strolling Renaissance characters, wand makers, face painting, potion making, and carnival games are included. There will be a symposium on the writing of J. K. Rowling on March 22 and a Quidditch match Sunday afternoon, March 27.

Learning Express ( then click on A+) has recently updated their computer skills courses to include Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010. Available databases include practice tests and tutorials for education levels from elementary school through college plus general workplace skills improvement. These are free to all Ohioans, funded by the State Library with a federal IMLS LSTA grant to libraries Connect Ohio. See what you could be learning at your library.

The Bookmark Society will meet on March 24 at 6:30. They are reading Possession by A. S. Byatt. Share a social evening with other book lovers. Refreshments are provided.

St. Patrick’s Day : Plant peas, wear green, and bake some soda bread, maybe sing an Irish tune.

The Christian Science Monitor is being passed on to the library and its users by a subscribing patron.

New DVDs will be ordered in March, with the usual effort for diversity - some popular commercial movies (Secretariat, Social Network ), children’s (Jr. Detective Agency, Barbie, Goosebumps), a couple of documentaries (Gasland, European River Tours) and a couple of foreign films (White Wedding Night, Inspector Bellamy). DVD replacements of some videos are also on the list - oldies but goodies doesn’t just apply to music.

Free tax preparation for low to moderate income people is provided by Delaware County VITA. Sites are 200 South Washington Street, Delaware (Wed. 5:00 - 9:00 and Sat. 10:00-2:00) and 7991 Columbus Pike, Lewis Center (Tue. 5:00-9:00 and Sat. 10:00-2:00). No appointment is required at these two sites. The Sunbury Community Library, Delaware County Senior Center, and Andrews House are other VITA sites where appointments are required. Farther information can be had by calling 1-800-906-9887. Over twenty people had their taxes filed at the Wornstaff Library by VITA workers on Feb. 5 and 19.

Big Screen opportunities include the Ohio Wesleyan Community Film Series at the Strand on Tuesday and Wednesday nights starting March 1 & 2 with some classics, some foreign samples, an independent or two and The Kids Are All Right. A series sponsored by Sustainable Delaware began Feb. 16 and will provide films, discussion, and tours of local facilities - Sims Recycling in Marion on March 19. For something completely different try the live HD broadcasts of Metropolitan Opera productions Saturdays at Crosswoods Cinema.

March is the beginning of Daylight Savings Time on the thirteenth, a whole week before Spring arrives. Perhaps Mother Earth will give up snow for Lent - at least in Ohio.
Juvenile biographies have been refurnished with almost forty selections from more contemporary series such as Wicked History and Who was…? It’s a fresh look at some standards (Abraham Lincoln and Harriet Tubman) plus Princess Diana and Vlad the Impaler among others. Real stories about real people for real boys and girls.

Monday, January 31, 2011

February 2011

Story time : (Thursdays at 10:00)

Groundhogs & Shadows Feb. 3

Be My Valentine Feb. 10

What Shall I Wear ? Feb. 17

Brush Your Teeth Feb. 24

Thank You, Dr. Seuss Mar. 3

The Library Food Garden workshop will be held on February 19 at 2:00. The Backyard Master Gardeners will present a program on garden planning with ideas on what, when, and where to plant. Seed and plant options, bed preparation, and container gardening will be discussed. Find out how you, too, can grow vegetables for your family. Save money, enjoy the outdoors, and benefit from really fresh tasty results.

Homeschool Book Talk will be on money matters Tuesday April 12, 2:30. April is financial literacy month and will be celebrated with displays and some collaborative programming by all Delaware County libraries.

Big crayons were crafted for the library by story time parent, Alisa Agin. Various volunteers helped sort all the leftover small ends of crayons into color groups and Alisa melted and molded them for reuse.

One Christmas “present” remains, brightening up the library on these wintery days. This glass package filled with lights and tied with a fancy ribbon was made by Bret and Jennifer Rader and presented to the library.

The Bookmark Society meets February 24 at 6:30. Joanna Fluke’s Sugar Cookie Murder is the selected reading. All readers and book lovers are invited to share good company and food.
Free tax preparation for low to moderate income people will be available at the Wornstaff Library on February 5 and 19 from 10:00 to 2:00. Call 211 to schedule an appointment. Delaware County VITA is providing this service. Other VITA sites are 200 South Washington Street, Delaware (Wed. 5:00 - 9:00 and Sat. 10:00-2:00) and 7991 Columbus Pike, Lewis Center (Tue. 5:00-9:00 and Sat. 10:00-2:00). No appointment is required at these two sites. The Sunbury Community Library, Delaware County Senior Center, and Andrews House are other VITA sites where appointments are required. Farther information can be had by calling 1-800-906-9887.

Tax forms are still arriving and may be had at the library. State and school district forms, and many federal forms are available or can be printed from Schedule A will not be sent until sometime in February and instruction booklets for 1040A and 1040 are also not currently available. The library also has W2s and 1099s for employers,

Mardi Gras is Tuesday March 8 and New Orleans is on display. Get ready for your own celebration. Discover the worlds of James Lee Burke, John Kennedy Toole, Anne Rice, and Rebecca Wells. Make your own shoebox float or king cake.

You are our Valentine A big “we love you” to all our patrons from all the staff.

Love n’ chocolate - the perfect combination for a Valentine’s Day book display. Take a look & savor.

Magazine discards from previous years are now available, and they are free. They are just in time for making valentines and whiling away winter hours creating collages - or browsing articles and clipping recipes. Who knows what treasures lurk within. Please continue the recycling process. Don’t forget the library’s continuing book sale while enjoying the cool basement clime. At ten cents each and $1.00 a bag, they are almost free.

Newbery and Caldecott winners for most distinguished contribution to children’s literature and best children’s picture book are announced in early January. Winning is a guarantee of being in print forever which is great for the author/illustrator but decisions are just as argued as Academy Awards. We have ordered the winners but did not have either on the shelf and only one of the honor books : Interrupting Chicken by David Stein. The winners are Newbery: Moon over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool with honors to Heart of a Samurai by Margi Preus, Dark Emperor by Joyce Sidman, and One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia ; and Caldecott : A Sick Day for Amos McGee illustrated by Erin E. Stead and written by Philip Stead with honors to Dave the Potter illustrated by Bryan Collierand written by Laban Hill, and the chicken book. Stay tuned for the Buckeye Children’s Book Awards. Students can nominate their favorites through March 2, 2011.

Winter wonderland?? You’re here in Ohio, why not enjoy it? Preservation Parks has regular park access plus a number of programs featuring an appreciation for the winter outdoors. The Great Backyard Bird Count on February 19 at Deer Haven Preserve will help you recognize birds at your feeder. Valentine’s Day weekend features Cuisine along the Ravine and a Sweethearts Walk. State parks also have hiking, sledding, and cross country ski opportunities. Maple sugaring is coming! Last Child in the Woods looks at the decreasing contact today’s youth has with the outdoors world. Adults may be suffering from a similar deprivation.

Monday, January 03, 2011

January 2011

Story time : (Thursday morning at 10:00)

Unbirthday Party Jan. 6

Hat Day Jan 13

Let It Snow Jan. 20

Penguins Jan. 27

Groundhogs & Shadows Feb. 3

Storytime sessions start the new year with a birthday celebration for everyone. These programs are open to all preschoolers. Stories, finger plays, activities, crafts, and (frequently) snacks last about forty-five minutes. Parents are encouraged to attend and participation is quite flexible. No registration is required. Many families extend the program with an upstairs play period in the children’s room while parents socialize and select materials for checkout.

The Bookmark Society will meet January 27 at 6:30. Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods : Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail is the January selection. February’s selection is Joanne Fluke’s The Sugar Cookie Murder. All readers are invited to share an evening of books and food.

Community Gardening 2011 will start off with the first in a series of third Saturday programs. Planning for the coming season will be the general theme with garden catalogs available and recommendations for basic vegetable gardening. There will be an opportunity to order seed to share and to suggest varieties for the beyond-the-basics vegetable garden. January 15 at 2:00 at the library.

Recycle your cell phones, batteries, and chargers. The Delaware County Health Department and The Friends for Life Fund have a collection box at the library for safe recycling of these materials.

Winter activities : There’s more than the mall in Columbus. The Columbus Museum of Art has a grand opening on Jan. 1 for the renovated building and new Center for Creativity. (Admission is free on Sundays.) Orchid Forest at Franklin Park Conservatory will be available for a winter reprieve from Jan. 15 - Mar. 27. Marion offers The Music of Florence Hardin at OSU Marion (Jan. 20); Amateur Film Finals (Jan. 22) and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Jan. 28) at the Palace, and a Bridal Extravaganza (Jan. 23) at the fairgrounds.

Inventory in progress. We’re making a list and checking it twice- or not too many times more we hope. Books get misplaced or, unfortunately, sometimes stolen. It’s a good to periodically verify just what is actually here and available. Winter is a bit slower and a good time to concentrate on indoor activities. Preparation for summer reading is regularly on the top of the list and this year we’re also working on the inventory of materials. We’ll be checking on long overdues and clearing lost items from the catalog. Inventory is also a good check on misshelved and inaccurately labeled books.

Prospects for 2011 The income provided by the library levy will ensure a full year of full service with staff, programs, and materials. Thank you Ashley Village and Oxford Township. Summer Reading will take us everywhere with One World Many Stories. We may get the carpets cleaned before flying off to all those novel destinations.

Time magazine is being donated by a patron and will be available regularly for checkout.

New DVDs Eat Pray Love, The Expendables, Toy Story 3, Handy Manny, Letters to Juliet, Ramona and Beezus, Iron Man II, Temple Grandin, The Kids Are All Right, and Salt are some of the new purchases, plus several DVD video replacements, and documentaries on The Founding Fathers, Heroes of the Bible, and Ancient African Kingdoms. We do take reserves - and suggestions. We can also borrow from other libraries though not the most recent releases. And it is all FREE.

Magazine discards are another winter housekeeping activity. Articles are available online and the library no longer needs to keep back issues. Discards are free and may be requested. Duplicate requests are usually shared. The rest are available FREE to the general public for articles, recipes and both crafts and craft materials. You, too may have a bit more time and be more interested in indoor activities at this time of year. Creative Paper Jewelry is a new addition to the collection. Collage Discovery Workshop : Beyond the Unexpected has some interesting projects.

Profile Ohio, an informative pamphlet published by the Ohio Secretary of State is available at the library. History -People - Events of interest-More

WANTED : Bottle caps and jar lids are needed for BVEE’s visiting artist project in February. Used ink cartridges help the library purchase office supplies. The BVEE food pantry needs year round donations of both food and clothing.

Garden Tours ? Christmas in Ashley was such a wonderful experience perhaps something similar could be planned for the summer. Garden tours would fit in nicely with the library’s community gardening program, possibly in conjunction with the Corn Show. Vegetable gardening, flowers, and landscaping are all possibilities. Call the library (747-2085) and talk with either Susan Bussard or Liz Barker with your suggestions - and offers to help.

May 2017

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