Thursday, January 05, 2012

January 2012

Storytime : (Thursday morning at 10:00)

Unbirthday Party Jan. 5

It’s Cold Outside Jan. 12

Soup Jan. 19

My 5 Senses Jan. 26

Groundhogs & Shadows Feb. 2

Storytime begins the new year with a birthday party for everyone through the year. All preschoolers are welcome for stories, finger plays, crafts, and a few treats to sweeten the theme. There’s time for play and socializing afterwards, and plenty of books and DVDs to take home to enjoy through the week.

The Bookmark Society will meet January 26 at 6:30. The book is Home Rules by Jodi Picoult. All readers and book lovers are welcome. Join the group for pleasant socializing and delicious refreshments.

Holiday library activities included Game Day and Movie Night (showing Captain America). Thanks to all who attended with bonus points to those who brought refreshments to share. Extra points go to everyone who brought goodies for the staff - whose holiday library activity was sampling.

Free tax preparation for low to moderate income people will be available at the Wornstaff Library on Saturdays February 11 and 18 from 10:00 - 2:00. Call 211 to schedule an appointment Delaware County VITA provides this service. Call Community Action for other VITA sites.

Tax forms available at the library include many federal, and state and school district forms plus W-2s and 1099s. Or print forms from their web sites.

New for 2012: The juvenile inspirational section is having its own revival thanks to diligent weeding and selection by Vicky Collins.

Community gardening will be going into its third year. The original grant provided money for year one with a three year commitment. Last year was complicated by that long wet spring, but again assisted by Master Gardeners. Suggestions for the coming year include more flowers and an earlier distribution of plants to individuals. Other comments are welcome.

Boring to the public but exciting to staff is revising and expanding our DVD storage and access. It would be soooo much easier if people didn’t steal the discs but that’s too risky.

Stealing by another name. Recent articles about Columbus and Cuyahoga County libraries have discussed actual theft which seems to average around two percent of the collection. The BIG loss is unreturned items which is definitely confirmed by the Wornstaff Library. This is particularly true of DVDs. They are small, cheap in those big bins, and go out six at a time. That’s probably around $100 that the library has invested - for community use. With money limited and library services in big demand it’s a very unfortunate loss.  Our New Year’s resolution for patrons would be to return materials (preferably on time), give us a call if there are problems, and keep contact information current.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins DVD was donated by the Buckeye Valley East PTO. Watch the movie read the book.

Video cassette clearance Why discard videos if people are still using them? If no one checks them out, however, the space could probably be put to better use. So we’ve been clearing out those long neglected tapes. And now they are available to the lucky owners of a VCR for only ten cents each.

Magazine discards will begin in a month or two. Please let us know if you have requests. Duplicate requests will share issues. All are free.

Ashley Village Committee members are needed. Members need to be residents but do not need to be on council. Anyone interested should contact the village office 740-747-2889. Be part of the solution. Council meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00. It’s an interesting evening and deserves some recognition. Recorded minutes are available and official printed ones were distributed at the January meeting.

Ashley on the move. There’s a big sign in the Whipple grocery store building announcing Discount Barn discount food in summer 2012. Council meeting information includes expansion of the gas station to provide more miscellaneous retail space. Flor Plan is interested in purchasing the burned out municipal building. The front barricaded Hubbard building disposition will be determined by county offices with a six month time table. Popsters is open again. Gibeyes posted a lunch menu.

Congratulations to staff member Susan Bussard who now has a second part time job with Liberty Presbyterian Church working with their web site, newsletter, and calendar. She does an excellent job in similar areas here.

Three hurrahs for our patrons. Patrons both contribute and respond to the small town, friendly atmosphere. That’s the best part. Patrons help answer questions or offer to look for a 20 amp fuse for our furnace. They write smiley library messages in the snow and bring us goodies and supplies.

Three hurrahs for the library board members.           
President Shirley Thurston, vice-president Michael Wion, secretary Lisa Kimble, George Patterson, and Aaron Scheeler are your representatives, responsible for policy and general overview.

Three for the unseen staff. Custodian Don Baldwin keeps us clean and fiscal officer Linda Thomas keeps us honest and frugal. We need their help every day. Thank you all.

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