Friday, September 10, 2010

What is a Green Hour? - National Wildlife Federation

What is a Green Hour? - National Wildlife Federation

September 2010

Back to School Sept. 2
Grandparents’ Day Sept. 9
Elephants Sept. 16
Let’s Go To the Fair Sept. 23
Falling Leaves Sept. 30

Storytime is a program for all preschoolers. Programs last about forty-five minutes and include finger plays, reading aloud, craft activities, and (frequently) a related snack. Parents are encouraged to attend with their children and participation throughout the program is flexible. There is time for extra play and socializing in the library children’s room afterwards. No registration is required.

Summer Reading concluded with a water activity themed program at the library. Drawings were held for first - sixth graders who completed 10 hours of reading. A total of 1526 hours were read by 119 children who signed up. Nine preschoolers and caregivers completed the Read with Me program. Adults who participated in the program (16) received prizes. Five local area children completed the Preservation Parks Summer Letterbox Adventure and will be eligible for their drawing. Vacations were enjoyed by all. School is right around the corner.

Aaron Scheeler is the new library board member replacing David Knape. Mr. Scheeler is a local area native who lives in Ashley. He has a background in banking and a law degree and is a very welcome addition to the board. We appreciate his interest in the library and his willingness to serve the community.

The Worthington Deaf Services Center provides American Sign Language classes starting Sept. 21.

Garden Clean-up and Fall Planting workshop will be presented by Delaware County Master Gardeners on Thursday evening Sept. 2 at 7:00 at the library. No matter what your gardening success this summer this is a good evaluation program that will provide a start for an even better year in 2011. We hope to see many of you there.

The Community Garden plots have been providing fresh produce for the BVEE Food Pantry. Fruits, nuts, and berries will be planted at Delaware Manor, BVEE, Newman Park, Ashley Villa, Ashley Manor and the library. Books, magazines, and DVDs for the library and SACC are in the ordering process. Garden tools have been provided to SACC and are still available for check-out at the library. The Growing Community grant has definitely been a learning process. Thanks to all the donations of materials and help, spending the money has been more of a problem than anticipated. The good part of the small cost is that we hope to continue similar programming support next year with better planning and logistics - and minimal record keeping.

Safer steps into the library are thanks to Boy Scout Noah Eblin working on his citizenship badge. The Scouts provided white striping several years ago and Noah redid that and painted the bicycle rack.

The Bookmark Society will meet on Sept. 30 at 6:30 - at the library. The selected reading is The Optimist’s Daughter by Eudora Welty. All readers are invited to share a social evening.

Delaware County Health Department educators Audra Jordan and Caryn Roth visited the library and the school recently, educating themselves on the needs of the community and possibilities. What services and programming do you recommend for the area? One of our suggestions was a teen group with cooking classes.

Library and school partnerships are often a workshop topic and this was one of the questions the health educators asked. The Wornstaff Library is a local, accessible resource for students and teachers. In past years there were regular visits from school classes, teacher collections were provided, and school reports kept us scrambling to find and keep materials available for whole classes. Times have changed. Teachers are overwhelmed by requirements and, of course, everything is available on the internet. The library has public internet access and a wireless connection. (Not everyone does.) Extra time on the computer is allowed for homework assignments. And sometimes books are a better and more reliable source for information. The library can borrow materials from other libraries (though it takes some time and planning) or provide a teacher with a collection that could be used by the whole class. Parents and students can help the library and the school work together cooperatively for everyone’s benefit by communicating assignments or reporting on local resources.

Ashley updates: Best wishes for a better civic atmosphere and more cooperative efforts for the good of the community. Popsters seems to be thriving and gives a welcome look of activity to downtown. The drive-through has new local ownership and perhaps new possibilities. Unfortunately both The Phoenix Bakery and Wade’s Barbershop have closed.

Thanks to Rick Lindsay who has helped with a variety of tasks at the library including the refurbishing of the SACC strawberry bed.

School assignments can be made easier with some help from the library. Magazine articles can be accessed at at the library or at home.

Gardening Materials : Watch for gardening and healthy eating books, magazines, and DVDs paid for by the Growing Community grant. Some materials will be donated to the BVEE SACC program to encourage their participation in their garden plot.

May 2017

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