Monday, August 08, 2016

August 2016

The students that participated in our summer reading program read more than 1,000 hours! Wow!! Great job everybody!

August used to be one of the laziest months of the year.  But with the school year starting so early now, trying to fit some vacation time into this month can be stressful rather than relaxing! 
After a hectic and fun summer reading program, our library takes a break from programs for a bit.  But we hope to see you as we resume programs next month.
The COOL (Consortium of Ohio Libraries) that Wornstaff is a member of has launched an app for mobile devices.  Now you can take your library with you.  See a great book at the book store and want to know if you library has it?  This app is an easy way to check.  
Also, we have added some new magazine subscriptions.  We hope that you will find something that you enjoy.
By the way, we are interested in starting to circulate board games, so if you have one you would like to donate or a suggestion of one you would like us to have — let us know!

May 2017

We have a new website. Please check it out. Soils & Your Home Sewage Treatment System:  A Workshop...