Thursday, January 04, 2007

Language aids are being explored. Way Cool Phrase Books and Learn and Play in both Spanish and French are available. Fun with Signing is a different sort of language but also designed to encourage use and to make the learning more interesting and less dependent upon rote.

Foreign language movies can provide a conversational and pronunciation guide - and a look at the local culture. Hear the words, read the subtitle translations. The library has an assortment of such films. It might be interesting to try the English version with Spanish subtitles.

Tax forms are ready for the shelves. Are you ready for them?? Along with government bulletins we’ll have the 2007 Ernst and Young book to answer your questions. We can help you look but can’t give tax advice. Forms are on the Internet, too.

Magazines are being discarded. All discarded magazines are free. If you’re looking for recipes, decorating ideas, pictures for school or decoupage projects this is a great opportunity. Help us recycle.

New Year’s resolutions : Return all library materials on time and treat them carefully. Check out The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Breaking Bad Habits. Make a “to read” list or keep a journal of books read. Learn something new. Provide better library service to the community. Do something to make Ashley a nicer place for everyone.

Local events in January: A virtual recreation of the Ancient Ohio Valley will be on display at the Ohio Historical Society through Jan. 7. Next is The Armory Wall a tribute to 9/11. Also at OHS on Jan 25 is a Memory Scrap-in. Family Fun Saturday at Franklin Park Conservatory January 13, plus lampworking demonstrations. The Frog Prince at the Palace in Marion. Check Ohio Wesleyan’s calendar for free music performances in February. Check the library bulletin board for other options.

I have often thought that nothing would do more extensive good at small expense than the establishment of a small circulating library ..of a few well chosen books…to be lent …under such regulations as would secure their safe return in due time. Thomas Jefferson

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