Thursday, January 04, 2007

January 2007

Hickory Knoll School will be at the library on February 13. Now that the ramp is finished the students are able to come upstairs and enjoy a real library experience along with their own story time.

Game Day provided activities and refreshment for a mixed group of vacationing students - from kindergarten through sixteen. As usual skittles and Apples to Apples were popular games. Thanks to the parents who lent a hand, and to Miss Vicky and Susan who got things together. will connect students to many library resources. Click on Electronic Resources, select Wornstaff Library, and enter your library card number. MasterFileEBSCOhost is a particularly helpful resource, providing full text magazine articles, often a required information source.

Construction work is now completed. The improved ramp and additional parking places are welcome features. People have been complimentary about the general appearance and we’re looking forward to the east yard in summer.

Computer changes are next in line. Chad Neeper of Level 9 Networks will be moving our library system onto a new program InfoCentre with a web accessible catalog. This means that people will be able to check our holdings at home and we’ll be one step closer to quick and easy interlibrary loans which will help people get any book they want.

Inventory continues. We’ve made a list and we’re checking it twice - and more, making sure our catalog reflects materials that are actually available. Long overdue and lost materials will be deleted and we’ll find out what else is missing. Angel Howard has been a wonderful help on this project.

Long overdues will also be checked again. TIf you receive an overdue notice, the replacement cost of the materials is listed and that cost is deleted when the material is returned. Book drop returns are welcomed. If the materials are lost or damaged you are responsible for that replacement cost. Many people using the same materials over and over is what makes a library work for a whole community.

New audio books were ordered at the end of the year. We concentrated on books that have more family appeal though selections range from Junie B. Jones to The Da Vinci Code. Also on order are three courses from The Teaching Company : History of the United States, Science Wars, and The Story of the Bible. We hope these purchases will be useful. All these materials are on Cds.

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