Thursday, October 13, 2016

October 2016


Hat Day Oct 6
Full Moon Oct 13
Cats Oct 20
Halloween Oct 27
Sandwiches Nov 2


Recipe Club Oct 6
Cooking (Teens)    Oct 13
Movie Night  Oct 20
Wolves Oct 14
Card workshop Oct 15
Recipe Club Nov 2

Have you faced your fears at the Haunted Hoorah?  Other reportedly haunted places in Delaware county are the Perkins Observatory and the Strand Theater and the Morrow County Home in Mt. Gilead. 

Geo-Caching and Letterboxing adventures frequently have stops in cemeteries.  And the rotating ball on the tombstone at Marion Cemetery could be a fun stop this October.

An Ohio fact — Did you know that the lead boat of nuclear-powered fleet ballistic missile submarines was named the USS Ohio and Ohio class is the designation for all submarines of that type?. 

We received a donation of about 150 audio books from Delaware County Library!  So we have busy rearranging some paperbacks to make some more room for a LOT more audio books! Hurrah!!

Megan & I helped judge the Biography Fair at the Middle School — try reading a biography this month!

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