Thursday, September 06, 2012

September 2012

Story time: (Thursday morning at 10:00)

Grandparents & Families Sept. 6
Bee My Honey Sept. 13
Elephant Day Sept. 20
Falling Leaves & Apples Sept. 27
Pizza, Pasta & Popcorn Oct. 4

Storytime is open to all preschoolers and kindergartners. Programs last about 45 minutes and include stories, finger plays or similar activities, a craft, and (frequently) a related snack.

Movie Night will be Thursday September 20 at 5:00. The movie will be The Hunger Games. Free popcorn and drinks are available.

Scrapbooking has become a regular event at the library. The next get together is scheduled for Tuesday September 11, from 10:00 until whenever.

The Bookmark Society will meet Thursday evening September 27 at 6:30. They are reading Jonathan Foer’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. All book lovers are welcome to join a friendly discussion with refreshments. The library has the DVD available for loan.

A FREE Grocery Coupon class, Savings Nation, will be presented on at the library Tuesday evening, September 26, 6:00 – 8:00. Sign up online at allows Ohio voters to change their address online. The deadline for change of address or registration is October 9. Potential first time voters can register at the library or the Board of Elections. Those who are unable to change their address can cast a provisional ballot at the precinct of their voting day residence.
People magazine and Mother Earth News September issues are here. We hope that’s the beginning of uninterrupted yearlong subscriptions.

Audio books revival. All those donated CDs are sitting on the shelf waiting for listeners. Enliven that daily trip to work, lawn mowing, or a variety of household chores with entertaining stories.
The next phase will purchasing children’s materials to replace the book and tape cassette kits we have. These can be a follow along teaching tool for beginning readers or just an introduction to the world of the printed book.

Fall equinox arrives at 10:49 on September 22.

Display case material is artwork created by and on loan from Gena Wiley. Let us know if you have a collection you’d be willing to share.

Delaware County Fair starts Saturday Sept. 15 and continues through the following week. The All-Horse Parade will be Sunday Sept 8 at 3:00. Animals, rides, fair food, live entertainment, and motorized competition – just in case you’ve missed the National Lawn Mower races.

Quilts – of course there will be plenty of local displays at the fair and the Ohio Wesleyan Alumni Center is featuring a display of art quilts through Sept. 16. Crafty people might be interested in T-shirt Quilts Made Easy. We can only add so many to the collection and currently there are many quilt books in the book sale. Take a look, find a book.

Ashley Farmer’s Market: Set up a table on the sidewalk and sell your fruit, veggies, flowers, baked goods, candles, etc. Every Saturday 9 – 12, September and October. What else is there in Ashley that we can share with each other??

School and homework doesn’t rhyme with horse and carriage but seem to go together just as certainly. Several years ago an Internet resource was frequently added to requirements – to acquaint students with its value. Today it might be worthwhile to require a book or magazine article just to remind student’s that not everything is found on the Internet and not everything there is reliable. A student recently confirmed the benefits of using our print dictionary. On the other hand both students and teachers need a little reminder that magazine articles can be found either at the library or from our website at home and these are magazine articles, NOT Internet resources. Coming soon – Microsoft Office on our computers with Power point capabilities and, perhaps, easier document transfer.

Johnny Appleseed Day is Sept 28. Try a biography by Howard Means or the DVD Botany of Desire

Elizabeth Barker will retire as director of the Wornstaff Library at the end of September. The library board is hosting an Open House from 3 - 5 Saturday, September 29. Please stop by for refreshments, to say thanks and to wish Elizabeth well. Her energy and passion for libraries will be greatly missed.

I remember saying (years ago) to long time Wornstaff Library board trustee Dick Newman that being the director of the Ashley library was my dream job. Eighteen years ago that dream became true. It might be worthwhile to add that my mind has not changed during the time here.
Working in a small public library has wonderful advantages to begin with. One gets to do everything – those proverbial plumbing incidents, ordering and cataloging books, etc., working with the people of all ages, and trying to figure out how to make the most of space and money and other resources. The library has gone from no computers to being in the process of joining the local Cool-cat open source ILS consortium with a server hosted by OhioNet with access to resources throughout the whole state.
The biggest plus though is the people – the patrons and the staff are the most obvious. They make going to work everyday not just a job, but a joy. It’s a helpful, friendly environment with interesting challenges and a variety of interests to share. The library board has provided bragging material at meetings. Our service area supported a levy to compensate for state cuts – YEAH!! That’s so much to miss. Thank you everyone. Elizabeth Barker

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