Thursday, April 05, 2012

April 2012

Story time :    (Thursday morning at 10:00)
Easter           April 5
Library Week           April 12
Nursery Rhymes & Folktales   April 19
How Does Your Garden Grow? April 26
At the Beach           May 3

Game Day is set for Wednesday April 4 from 2:00 to 4:00.  Refreshments provided. Take an electronics free break during Buckeye Valley’s spring break.  An assortment of board and card games and SKITTLES are available - or bring your own favorite game to share - and your friends.

The Bookmark Society will meet on Thursday April 26 at 6:30.  The selected book is Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger. Twin sisters inherit a London flat owned by their mother’s twin sister.  Good company and food provided. 

Movie Night on Thursday, April 19 at 5:00,  will feature The Librarian and the Quest for the Spear.  
Drinks and popcorn are provided.

Library Community Gardening:  The front beds are looking ready for this early spring thanks to new square foot garden boards donated by Rotary Products, labor from Mason Walker, and some horse manure from the Buchwalter family.  Some lettuce and marigolds had seeded last year.  Peas have been planted.  Watch for red runner beans. The Brownies will be starting seeds again with the help of master gardeners - possibly good replacements for all the frosted plants planted in March?? The plan is to be more proactive about passing out plants.  Check out that garden equipment (sod stripper, shovel, rake, and hoe) at the library.  Cold weather plant seeds that can safely gratify the urge to get out there in this unseasonable weather…peas, carrots, lettuce. 

Bird houses decorated by the Brownie scouts are  currently in the library display case plus the bluebird  and Carolina wren houses made in recent Preservation Parks workshops.  

The Ashley Easter Egg Hunt will be held at Newman Park (beyond the swimming pool) on Saturday, April 7 at 1:00  for children up to eight years old.  Don’t be late.  

The Youth Trout Fishing Tournament is scheduled for April 28 from 8:00am to noon for children up to age 12.  Children must have adult supervision and should bring their own poles and bait.  Pre-registration forms are available at the library and the village office.

The Official Geek the Library Kickoff occurs Saturday, April 14 as a finale for  Library Week.  Find out what your library can do for you.  Let your library know what your passions are.  What do you Geek?? We Geek our local community.

Dream Big Read!  We still need your help providing  colored duct tape for a  craft project - red, yellow, blue, and white.

The amaryllis comes back. A couple of years ago a patron brought us an amaryllis which dutifully and beautifully performed and then it took a year’s rest while it produced another bulb, but it is gorgeous (and way too big) right now.

New books include recipes to try on the more dismal days Cake Pops by Bakerella and The Whoopie Pie Book.  DK Publishing offers Top Dog and The Women’s Fitness Book both with the expected excellent illustrations and layout. 

Magazine Alert  There may be gaps in our subscriptions due to before-the-levy-passed economies and subsequent renewals. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Author Brandon Mull creator of the Fable Haven series and   The Beyonders was brought to Delaware by Tammy Furlong of Fundamentals Book Store.  His itinerary included visits at The Delaware County district Library, Buckeye Valley East Elementary and the Wornstaff Library. Several home schoolers and teen fans took advantage of his stop at the library for a more personal visit and lots of autographing. He’s a Utah native and this was a rare eastern visit. 

E-book preparation. Vicky Collins attended a Barnes & Noble presentation Nook in the Library which examined how libraries currently use e-readers and tablets and how this might evolve in the future.  The State Library hosts an e-book subscription service.  We’re thinking about it.

National Library Week is April 8 - 14. AtYourLibraryOrg on You Tube has a collection of short videos with famous people touting what libraries mean to them.  Libraries are collaborations with their users.  April 10 is designated Library Workers’ Day but there is not a Library Users’ Day which seems to be missing a fine opportunity.  Those users are the smart ones - getting  books and movies, and internet access, and reader’s advisory and reference  - all FREE.  

National Poetry Month is also celebrated in April. Philip Levine is the current poet laureate of the United States. J. Patrick Lewis is the Children’s Poet Laureate.  Example: Great, Good, Bad
A great book is a homing devise
 For navigating paradise.
A good book somehow makes you care About the comfort of a chair.
A bad book owes to many trees 
A forest of apologies. is now  available on the Sunbury Community Library web site.  Take a look at what our catalog will look like by this time next year.  We’ll have a common library card.  

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