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October 2010

Story time : (Thursday at 10:00)
Fire Prevention Week Oct. 7
Apples & Pumpkins Oct. 14
Pizza, Pasta, & Popcorn Oct. 21
Halloween Oct. 28
Daytime/Nighttime Nov. 4

Buckeye Book Fair is coming to Wooster on Nov. 6. This annual event features 100 or so authors either from Ohio or writing about Ohio. Books are discounted and authors available for autographs and conversation. Watch for fliers with a list of authors and their books. Plus, it’s fall; it’s Amish country.

The Youth Catfish Fishing Tournament will be held Saturday, October 16 from 6:00pm to 9:00 pm at Newman Park reservoir. It’s free for all youth up to age 12. Bring your own fishing pole and adult supervision. You can register at the library.

A Scarecrow Contest is being sponsored by Preservation Parks. Families should bring clothing and other decorations. Frames and stuffing will be provided. Make your scarecrow on Oct 1 at 6:30 and come back for the judging Oct. 10 during the annual Pioneer Day event - both at Gallant Woods.

The library will not have a scarecrow workshop.

Growing Community : the Library Food Garden is getting wrapped up in a report and in the ground. Central Ohio Landscape Company and volunteers have planted fruit and nut trees, berry bushes, and some miscellaneous items at Delaware Manor, Ashley Manor, Ashley Villa, Newman Park, BVEE, and the library. We expect other fruit from this project in coming years. Scheduled for late fall is a meeting with master gardeners to plan next year’s programs encouraging and nurturing local gardening. There’s interest in a pumpkin patch.

The Bookmark Society will meet on October 28 (6:30) and will be reading The Optimist‘s Daughter by Eudora Welty (which is actually here). It’s tricky to get half a dozen copies of the same book and we’ve run into problems the past couple of times. Not to worry. The book itself seems less important than the fellowship leavened with a bit of good food. All readers and book lovers are welcome.

Halloween costumes, customs, and consumables are lurking in October magazines and numerous books on the library shelves. You’ll find many new ideas and specifics for creating things that are ghostly images in your head. Ashley’s beggar night will be Sunday October 31. 6:00 - 7:30. The school Halloween parade is Friday afternoon, October 29 at 2:30. It’s quite a treat for everyone. The library lawn has bench seating and room for chairs and blankets.

Daylight saving time will be with us until November 7, six and one half weeks after the autumnal equinox, with ten whole hours of daylight to save. For a detailed history and rationale read David Prerau’s Seize the Daylight : the Curious and Contentious Story of Daylight Saving Time.

Discovery Kits for younger children are themed back packs with books, games, models, and sometimes a video. These packs may be checked out by adults and can be used at home for enrichment or plain fun and general interest. Subjects are Careers, Cooking, Dinosaurs, Feelings, Fire Engines, Frations, Get Ready to Read, Human Body, Insicts & Spiders, Music, Nature, New Sibling, Puppetry, Reptiles & Amphibians, Thomas the Tank Engine, Transportation, and U. S. Geography.

Home Learning Media are similar, singular, materials for older children and include a magnetism kit, microscope with slides, Spanish flash cards, and a rain gauge. Check our online catalog for a full list: , call numbers Dscvrykt and HLM.

The Pumpkin Circle will be shown at the Wornstaff Library, Wednesday October 20 at 6:30. Both the projector and the DVD were purchased with Growing Community funds. The movie is a unique celebration of pumpkin growing and will be followed by related crafts and food. Join us for what we hope will be a unique celebration of this year’s Library Food Garden.

Constitution Day ( September 17) was an ideal time for a display featuring We the People bookshelf and Picturing America posters that the library has received this past year. These books and posters are available for classroom and home school use and include some instructional materials. Books and DVDs may be checked out by individuals. DVDs include four Sunnyland seminars on the constitution. Ratification by Pauline Maier, a recently published book on pre-constitutional discussion, is on order.

Ashley History worth knowing. The Delaware County Fair is fresh in everyone’s minds - especially those young participants who proudly paraded their livestock and displayed all sorts of projects. The village of Ashley has a very special relationship to them. Years ago fairs were for adults. Mom and Dad and Aunt Minnie paraded their livestock and brought their pies and quilts. Ashley had the first junior fair in the nation, hoping to compete with other local fairs by attracting more visitors. The local R. B. Powers company supplied ribbons to reward the young participants. The rest is history.

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