Saturday, February 13, 2010

February 2010

Story time : (Thursday morning at 10:00)
Winter Games Feb. 4
Be My Valentine Feb. 11
Chinese New Year (tiger) Feb. 18
Brush Your Teeth Feb. 25

Grants from the Delaware Community Foundation and The People Fund have provided $4000 for books for children and young adults, and for our summer reading program. We are pleased that some funds may also be used for the staff time needed for program preparation and presentation.

Free Wi-Fi is available at the library along with videos and DVDs and public Internet access - plus, of course, all those book and magazines.

The Bookmark Society will meet on Thursday evening, Feb. 25 at 6:30. The book selected is Evening Class by Maeve Binchy - Irish workers are transformed by an Italian class. All book lovers are welcome. There is food and good company.

Two “Kill a Watt” meters for monitoring the electricity use of specific appliances have been donated to the library by Consolidated Electric Cooperative and are available for checkout.

Congratulations (sponsored by Kris Jordan) came from the Ohio House of Representatives to the Wornstaff Library on receiving a 5 star rating from the Library Journal and from congressman Pat Tiberi a letter offering the same. We appreciate the recognition that the Wornstaff Library has provided exemplary library service to the community. It’s what we like to do and hope to continue. Money helps and we hope this recognition will help persuade local voters to provide funds to make up for the shortfall in state monies.

The Friends of the Library will meet Feb. 18 at 7:00 to discuss levy campaign strategies. They are actually postponing their official organization because of legal restrictions on what Friends of the Library organizations can do during campaigns.

The filing deadline for ballot issues is Feb. 18 and it is hoped that at that point the filing process will have been completed. It’s been more complicated and frustrating than anticipated. Both Oxford Township and Ashley Village (our defined service area) must pass resolutions supporting the request and asking that it be put on the ballot. Also involved is an agreement on particulars regarding levy costs and transference of the levy funds. Special thanks goes to our fiscal officer Linda Thomas for researching those elusive particulars.

The levy could pass in the village but not the township or vice versa. This would provide some additional funds for the library and a second try could be made in just the one area. This potentially awkward situation illustrates another unfortunate aspect of the loss of state funding and subsequent need to depend upon local support. Many library users frequent multiple libraries and there has been a statewide effort to create a statewide network accessible to any Ohio resident. When local areas sacrifice to provide library services they may not be as willing to share with areas who seem not to have shared the expense.

The People Fund awarded the Wornstaff Library $3000 for the purchase of books for children and young adults. We will be purchasing the 2010 World Book Encyclopedia and continuing our subscriptions to Kids Discover and Cobblestone magazines. Other titles will be purchased through the year. We are very appreciative of this grant which will help the youth of the community.

Library Wish List : Sponsors for magazine subscriptions, DVDs, current books to supplement our $1,800 budget for those items for the whole year. Paper towel rolls and milk carton caps are wanted for summer reading crafts and activities.

Growing Community : the Library Food Garden is a grant funded by the State Library of Ohio which encourages libraries to partner with other community entities to establish food gardens on library or other public land. The library is interested in participating. The BVEE Food Pantry, the SACC garden, the village parks and recreation committee, Ashley Villa, Delaware Manor, 4-H and scout groups could all be partners. The USDA is also working with master gardeners to promote community gardens. The ultimate product of fresh locally grown produce in menus can have many other benefits including the satisfaction of growing plants for young and old. Your ideas and your participation will be appreciated.

The Phoenix Bakery is open and features Der Dutchman baked goods, noodles, and jelly. Try it. Hours are basically 5:00am to 4:00pm - ready with your coffee and roll for the ride to work.

The 2010 Census is on its way. Did you receive a long form asking all sorts of questions? Will you promptly return the more abbreviated form most of us will get? Will you answer the door when the census takers come knocking? Census numbers are important for determining how many federal funds are distributed and how areas are represented in the legislative process. Census figures also provide valuable statistical information for innumerable aspects of planning and allocating resources.

David Lewis’s art is in the display case. David, now a sixth grader, was a Buckeye Valley East student. He specializes in modeling clay and the exhibit features number of imaginative sculptures.

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