Wednesday, September 02, 2009

September 2009

Story time
Friends Sept. 3
Grandparents & Grandfriends Sept. 10
Bee My Honey Sept. 17
Fall, Leaves & Apples Sept. 24
Dinosaurs Oct. 1

Storytime programs are designed for all preschoolers and feature stories, finger plays, craft activities, and (usually) snack. Programs last about forty-five minutes. Parents are encouraged to stay with their children and there is time for socializing and playing - and for checking out books and movies- afterwards. No registration is required. Programs start at 10:00 and are located in the basement meeting room accessible from the northeast ramp.

The Summer Letterbox Adventure hosted by Delaware County’s Preservation Parks introduced children to nature. Five children from the Ashley area were among the 67 who visited all seven local parks and were eligible for a drawing. A.J. Shilt was a prize winner.

Preservation Parks will present a Family Night program on Tuesday, September 15th at 6:30. The topic will be announced but is sure to be of interest to all family members. Even though school has started and evening daylight hours are shorter September and October are wonderful times to explore the outdoors. Having an appreciation for local wildlife and knowing what to look make the experience that much more enjoyable.

The Delaware County Fair is September 19-26. It’s the 90th anniversary and sure to be special. Don’t forget the All Horse Parade on Sept. 13.

The Morrow County Fair is Aug. 31 - Sept 7.

Library Austerity Measures
(in effect Sept. 6 - Dec. 31 2009)
Changes in hours : closed Wednesdays
Staff hours : Reduced by 30%.
Purchases : No library materials will be purchased.
Copies will be 15 cents.

These strict measures will be in effect until 2010 when we plan to resume regular hours operating with a 20% staff time cut and begin 2010 purchasing with a 50% materials budget cut.
You can help. Donations for (and of) book and video purchases will be accepted and used. A request to purchase list will be kept. Our magazine subscriptions are paid through July but the list is due by February. Gift subscriptions can be added to our current subscription or money can be donated for a specific magazine. Storytime and summer reading supplies and prizes and general supplies will also be helpful.

Your suggestions and donations will help us maintain library service for the community.

The library has tried to be conservative throughout this year but has not made any significant cuts. The mid-August statement of total library funds for the year of $125,000 (2008 library expenditures were $172, 577) was the proverbial wake-up call. The library board in consultation with the staff and fiscal officer established the above economy measures.

Banned Books Week is Sept. 26 - Oct. 3. Celebrate by reading whatever you want to read. Take a look at the variety of books that have sparked controversy over the years. includes a map of where challenges have occurred.

Copy prices will be raised starting Sept. 2. Most library fees essentially cover costs for what might be considered “extra” services. Our printing charges have been the same for years and years partially because they did cover our costs. Our recent scrutiny of expenditures (and recent increases in copier maintenance charges) has revealed that this is no longer the case. Standard 8 ½ x 11 copies will be raised to 15 cents per page. Double sided 8 1/2 x 11 and 8 ½ x 14 copies will be 20 cents. We will charge 30 cents per page for 11 x 17 copies.

What can I read ? All Ohio libraries are affected by this cut in funding. One service that has been maintained is Interlibrary Loan. It doesn’t seem fair, however, to not purchase new books and expect another library to loan their copy to our patrons rather than to their own. But we can all share resources and YOU can help. Now is a good time to tout those old or less publicized favorites. Have you read everything in the library? I don’t think so. That’s especially true if you are under fifty. Not too many years ago people were standing in line to read books that are unknown to you. We’ll be trying to publicize good books available right now in the Wornstaff Library. We hope you will help in this effort. Get out those lists of books you intended to read. Write a good review of one we do own.

Why close all day Wednesday? Closing one whole day maintains consistent hours the rest of the week, offers better building maintenance savings, and makes staff scheduling easier. Tuesday is actually our slowest day but it’s an interlibrary loan delivery day. Monday seems to be pretty busy with faxes and copying. Thursday is story time. Friday seems to cover some local library gaps especially with the Cardington Library now closing Thursday evening and not opening until Monday. What are students going to do for computer and Internet access? Besides, we hope to resume full time hours in four months and this provides the least disruption. Thank you, thank you all for your tolerance and cooperation.

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