Thursday, April 09, 2009

April 2009

Story time :
Let’s Be Silly Apr. 2
Easter Apr. 9
Construction Zone Apr. 16
Farm Fun Apr. 23
Everything Grows Apr. 30
Family Night on Tuesday evening , April 21 at 6:30,
is an opportunity for the whole family to share stories and activities.
Everything Grows is the topic and the focus is on gardening.

GAME DAY for all April 1 2:00 - 4:00

Home School Book Talk is scheduled for Tuesday morning, April 14 at 10:30. The topic is Reptiles. Programs are geared for first through sixth grade and all home schoolers are welcome.

Picturing America Open House : The program will be held Tuesday evening, April 28, at 6:30. Please join us for an evening of music and history.

Heritage, a local musical group, will provide a historical program to celebrate the laminated pictures the library has available. Several of the pictures are hung in the back room and various other spots in the library. The rest will be on display in the meeting room. The double sided posters celebrate American history through paintings and photographs and are 3 feet by 4 feet. The posters and supplemental materials are part of the library’s permanent collection and will be on display and available for educational loan. The program will feature songs commemorating some local historical events, and will complement the various aspects of the history of our country represented in the posters. Heritage will be performing the program for the Delaware Historical Society the following Sunday.

Donations of craft supplies and new items that could be used for prizes for children who participate in the summer reading program would be welcome. Craft supplies needed are 6” and 9” paper plates both inexpensive white and sturdier colored ones, wooden paint sticks, clean foam meat trays, colored Duct tape, inexpensive small watercolor brushes, and oatmeal boxes or tall deli containers for drums.

The Bookmark Society : Join other book lovers to discuss an old or new read, recommend books you have enjoyed and couldn’t put down, share a poem or short story you’ve written. Marsha Carroll is interested in a social gathering of readers of any age in a book club tailored to whatever members want it to be. Sign up for contact and best times. An open meeting will be scheduled in May - with refreshments.

Free videos, DVDs, books, magazines, Discovery Packs, home school and/or science activity materials, plus Internet access (including wireless) are available at your local public library. Send and receive faxes, make copies, browse our ten cent continuous book sale. Your public library provides many ways to save money including books on personal finance, budgeting, home repair, and more. Sharing resources within the community benefits everyone.

New DVDs are in process. Well, some are new. Out of close to seventy, eight are replacements for long overdue popular materials, six are duplicates of videos, and six others are hunting and fishing DVDs purchased with money donated by the Delaware Fish and Game Association. Plus, in relation to the “we’re not a video store” refrain, our purchases strive to build a collection that will be appreciated over time - as a mini-series on Shakespeare, the Apostles Collection, Anita Renfroe, Jeff Dunham and A Woman of Substance. On the “popular” list are Twilight, Fireproof, Slumdog Millionaire, Nights in Rodanthe, Barbie presents Thumbelina - and more. We do take reserves and it‘s all free.

New DVDs are on the video shelves beside the family restroom. To provide more room on the DVD twirly rack, we’ve weeded videos and some will be for sale at the usual bargain price of ten cents each. Other low circulating ones may be relocated.

Stimulating Reading by Katha Pollitt is a column that recently addressed some of the ups and downs of current library use and funding. Here are some quotes from the article. “Library use is up - as belts tighten, people who might have bought a book in flusher times suddenly remember this fantastic free civic resource. Then, too, one thing unemployed people have is time and libraries are free, welcoming and comforting spaces ; you don’t feel judged or like you should be buying something. And these days, libraries offer more than books. Did you know that according to the American Library Association, 73 percent of libraries provide the only free Internet access in their communities? In rural areas it’s 83 percent. For many out-of-work people looking for jobs, for low-income students who don’t have the Internet at home, the library provides the only access to information technology they can afford. …School libraries are shrinking, too - sometimes there’s no money for books, sometimes there’s no money for staff and sometimes overcrowded enrollments eat up the space itself… How about some projects that are reader ready?”

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