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Unbirthday Party Jan. 8
Penguins Jan. 15
Let it Snow ! Jan. 22
Groundhogs & Shadows Jan. 29

New circulation policy: Starting Jan. 1, 2009 books, magazines, audios, etc. will circulate for three weeks. DVDs and videos will circulate for one week. Renewals must be requested. Materials on reserve will not be renewed. Home School and teacher loans will be six weeks with no renewals.
This policy is more in line with actual use and with other libraries’ policies. There will not be fines for overdues but the replacement cost of materials will be listed as a fine on the family card. Library use may be restricted until materials are returned or replacement costs paid.

Sewer line repairs. The library has a broken sewer line which will be repaired in eary January. The break is located at the top of the basement ramp and both the ramp and the back stairway may be blocked off for a week or so, interfering with access to the library, the book drop and some portion of the parking lot. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope the time will be limited. Work will be done by Del-O Plumbing, Emergency Drain & Plumbing and a sub-contracted concrete firm.
Pen pals needed. Fourth graders at Buckeye Valley West and North need pen pals to enhance their reading experiences. Students will chose a book and write a letter of introduction. The pen pal will exchange letters for 8 weeks followed by a get together. It doesn’t take much time and may be invaluable to a child. Call Margie West 363-5000.

Thanks to Lyn Heine for letting her Pere Noels live in our display case over the holidays. Thanks to all our patrons. If we had a mission statement it would involve being a vital part of the community. It takes people to accomplish that. Thanks for cards and goodies and story time supplies.

Income tax time : Forms have started to arrive and will be shelved on the rack inside the front door. They can also be printed from the site. The Delaware County Earned Income Tax Coalition will again provide free tax preparation for qualifying persons, Helpline 211. They will be at the Wornstaff Library on Saturday, February 7, from 10:00 to 2:00.

Community Action has a representative here once a month - Thursday Jan. 8 1:00-3:00 this month.

Recycle magazines. Donate your slightly used, almost current magazines to the library for others to use. Archaeology is a recent example. Take home the library’s discards to read or use for crafts.
New magazines. It’s time to renew our subscription list, time for patron recommendations. If you have a favorite magazine you think others in the community might enjoy perhaps the library would subscribe to it. You could even borrow it from the library instead of purchasing it. Saving money has value.

New call numbers. Juvenile fiction can be on the regular shelves, on the “middle school” twirly rack or on the “teen” shelves. Are you confused? So are we. The catalog isn’t much help. Jane Horn is making a difference. Books on the teen shelf will be PBYs and those on the younger twirly rack will be PBJs. Then there are easy chapter books and new…

Great Books sold in a set of presumably what every well educated person should read were popular in the 1970s. A current book explores their life and effect. Libraries help anyone pursue individual projects. The Wornstaff Library has a set of Harvard classics along with a more popular literature set tucked away in a corner adjacent to our “classic” collection. Do your own Ellery Queen retrospective, or Harry Potter marathon - in books, on audio tape or on the screen. If we don’t have it there’s a good chance we can borrow it for you.

Buckeye Dulcimer Festival flyers are available. This almost week long workshop attracts instructors and learners from all over the country. It also provides two excellent evening concerts right down the road at Recreation Unlimited - unless they get snowed in again this year. All of this is organized by Ashley’s own Louise Ziegler.

Local literary trivia. Last year Delaware County read F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby. Timeline’s Jul./Sept. issue profiles bootlegger George Remus purported to be a model for Gatsby. William Least Heat-Moon’s Roads to Quoz features Route 40 expert Frank Xavier Brusca from Westerville.

Happy 2009 from the Library Staff

New Year’s resolutions. Read more books. Take advantage of the library’s FREE movies and Home Learning Media. Return materials on time.

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