Tuesday, July 01, 2008

July 2008

Summer Reading Program - Library Antics
Mondays 11:00
Don’t Bug Me - I’m Drawing July 7
with cartoonist Dan Collins
Flutter, Buzz, and Zoom July 14
Closing Program July 21
Mark Bergman the Bugman
and his “Live Bug”
Observation Station

Get an up close look at real live bugs, with “on hands” activities. Entertaining for all ages.
Summer Reading participants of all ages are invited to the closing program which will be held inside the library at 11:00 on July 21. The prize drawing will be held then. Winners do not have to be present but those who are get first choice. The final tally will be delayed to accommodate those who can’t attend. Free books for reading ten hours, and other coupons, etc. can still be collected after July 21, but there will not be additional prizes.

It’s not too late to sign up for the summer reading program - and to enjoy some of the activities. First through sixth graders keep track of hours read to receive stickers, coupons, and other prizes. Read ten hours to earn a ticket to be entered in the final drawing. Check the display case for a sampling of prizes. There are Barbie dolls galore.

Teens can Metamorphosis@theLibrary. Gummy bug treats and a mood pencil are your reward for signing up. A ticket for every book read is entered in a weekly drawing. Teen Night is Wed. July 23, 6:30 - 8:00. There will be games, fun, and food including a bug sampling for those who dare.

Adults fill out a review slip which is entered in a final drawing.

Bees and butterflies and bugs and a PICNIC BASKET ! Part of summer reading decorating entails creating a big box crawl through item. Join the giant ants in the picnic basket. It has been a hit - and recognizable. Kudos to Vicky, Susan and Megan with a little help from Dan Collins.
The ant farm has also been enjoyed by staff and patrons. A few caterpillars have survived and are getting almost big enough to notice. Matthew Smith discovered a Cecropia moth on the picnic basket Saturday morning - hatched from the assumed dead pupa mounted above the caterpillars! A patron brought in several bagworm cocoons which might hatch. Did we mention the edible bugs??

Storytime supplies are supplemented by donations. Some needed items, such as glue sticks, school glue, and paper lunch sacks, are often discounted when school supplies are promoted. Consider buying some extra items to donate to the library while shopping for school supplies.

Library Board member wanted - one concerned and interested individual able to meet once a month. Any Ashley resident interested in serving on the library board should contact Liz Barker (747-2085). The board meets on Monday evening July 14, 7:30.

The Car Show and Bean Dinner sponsored by the Wesleyan Church has been rescheduled for July 12, 11:00 - 3:00.

Interlibrary loans keep getting easier. Unchristian mentioned above is one example. We ordered the most recent Jen Lancaster memoir when a patron requested all three. City Under the Back Steps about two children who spend time in an ant hill was a long ago favorite prompted by the bug theme. Videos and DVDs are also available. Don’t be shy. Tell us what you want.

New westerns were discovered - eight paperbacks and one hardback by popular Elmer Kelton. Well, actually two were originally published around 1980 and two others are franchised Ralph Compton (now deceased) novels written by different authors.

Publishing mania. A patron recently mentioned hearing that publishers were really pushing big name authors to produce more works ala Danielle Steel. James Patterson is obviously hard at work complying. The latest Janet Evanovich (5 reserves) is thin, with wide margins and spacing - and cost $28. Do we need a Readers Movement against marketing and easy profits that gyp book lovers out of good reading?

New DVDs enjoyed by the staff include the mini-series John Adams, Charlie Wilson’s War, The Bucket List, Central Station, and Persepolis.

The library’s been a busy place - fifty some children here on Monday mornings and then a bonanza attendance of 33 at story time, plus a floating crowd of teens. We even survived one Monday when we were on the sewer checking list. Add vacations, illness, and the usual complications for some creative staff scheduling. The busyness and high traffic sometimes create conflicts. Two summer rules that may reduce conflicts are No Skateboarding in the library parking lot during open hours and No Food or Drink in the library. We enjoy being busy and really want to provide a place for all age groups. We certainly appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation.

It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy. July starts off with a big boom. Other events in the area include the musical 42nd Street at the Marion Palace, the beginning of the county fair season, The Science of Big Machines at COSI, a torch light canoe trip, numerous nature activities at the parks, not to mention all the ice-cream socials, and farmer‘s markets. The Morrow County Independent featured local (low mileage) activities. Morrow County Link

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