Saturday, May 10, 2008

MAY 2008

Pets May 1
Mother’s Day May 8
This Is My Garden May 15
Fun in the Sun May 21
No Storytime May 29
No Storytime June 5

Evening Storytime will be held Wednesday May 14 at 6:30.
This Is My Garden is the theme.

Storytime will take a short break (May 29 & June 5) while Miss Vicky and Susan get ready for the summer reading program.

The library will be closed Memorial Day, May 26.

DelawaReads concludes Saturday May 10 with a West Egg party at the Delaware County District Library. It starts at 7:00. One dress was made at our flapper dress program, a new knitter was helped on her way, and a good time had by a few. The Children’s Art Program had 19 participants, including members of Robin Clay’s BVE art club. Debra Conner talked about Picasso and Dali and had everyone try their hand at cubism and surrealism. You CAN do this at home. Cubism starts with a picture, criss-cross with lines, and color each enclosed area a different color. It’s amazing. Surrealism portraits were created by using objects associated with a person for facial elements: vegetation for a gardener’s hair or books for a reader’s eyes. Self portraits could be a good introductory ice-breaker activity. The dance class received rave reviews. Susan taught basic Charleston steps and introduced the fox trot and the waltz. Everyone had a swinging time. Those who missed the book discussion have some Delaware options plus the CD.

Ghosthunter James Willis was a very entertaining and informative speaker. Mr. Willis mentioned the Bloody Mary urban legend and said he wished you could make ghosts appear by calling their name three times. We just wish more people had been able to attend. If only there were some magic way to match up programs, interest, and availability.

Ghosthunter report, April 29 6:43, re: the Lincoln Funeral Train. The sun is up and it’s a busy intersection at that time -not a very ghostly atmosphere. The cold chill along the tracks may have been due to the light snowfall and didn‘t deter the blackbird walking the rails.

Catch the Reading Bug is the summer reading theme. Monday morning programs begin at 11:00 and will be held for six weeks starting June 9th and ending July 21st with Mark Berman, The Bugman and his “Live Bug” Observation Station. Programs are open to first through sixth graders.
Metamorphosis @ Your Library is the teen program. Signup begins June 9 and there’s a teen party finale on July 23.

Preschoolers and adults will also Catch the Reading Bug June 12 - July 21.
Second Grade Opera (which is really first class) is tentatively scheduled for May 28 (2:30) and May 29 (10:00 and evening performance).

Children’s Book Week is May 11-17 - appropriately following Mother’s Day

Local history can be seen in Friday Night in the Downtown : memories of downtown Delaware from 1925 to 1975 produced by Brent Carson and Alum Creek Memories produced by Paul Clay.

The Delaware photo identification deadline has been extended until June 15, in contrast with our earlier report. There is still time to enter and b & w copies of the photos are available. Those who are awaiting the answers need to be patient.

Book signing : Connie Curry, Delaware resident and author of Give Me Back My Glory, will be signing this book about her experience with breast cancer at the Wornstaff Library on Saturday morning, May 3. She has donated a copy of her book to the library.

Children’s author Louise Borden will be at Buckeye Valley East Elementary on May 8. Her books are true stories on topics ranging from skating in Holland to Curious George. Boys (who often prefer real things to stories) should take note.

Tax rebate deadline for those who don’t normally file and for those who filed for an automatic extension is October 15 according to FAQ on the IRS site.

Science fiction fans might want to check the book sale as we’ve done some serious weeding in that area. Recommendations for additions are welcome.

History fans can visit a Civil War Enactment on Sunbury Square May 9-11 and a French and Indian War History Encampment at Infirmary Park south of Granville May 17 & 18.

Five Nights on Campus at OSU Marion has two May events. Howling at the Moon on May 8 features eight over age 60 women artists. Take a Bow on May 22 is a performing arts contest with scholarships for the winners.

Fishing as a recreational activity is on the decline especially among youth. Wildlife conservationists are concerned about fewer outdoor nature activities. Ashley village is doing its part with the stocked reservoir and tournament. The library is helping with more books for younger anglers.

Memorial Day will be recognized with a parade in Ashley, forming at Whipples at 9:00 and proceeding down High Street to the cemetery on May 26. The parade is organized by the Legion.

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