Thursday, January 31, 2008

February 2008

Chinese New Year Feb. 7
Valentine’s Day Feb. 14
Brush Your Teeth Feb. 21
Leap Day Feb. 28

Evening Storytime
will be Wednesday, February 20 at 6:30. Brush Your Teeth will be the theme.

HomeSchool Book Talk is scheduled for Tuesday, February 12 at 10:30. The topic is Rise and Shine centered around getting a healthy start for the day with good food and exercise.
Craft Night is set for Thursday March 13.

Ghosthunter, James Willis, will present a program on April 17 during National Library Week, in time to psyche everyone up for an early morning Lincoln Funeral train watch later in the month.

Tax help provided by VITA for low income persons will be available from 10:00 to 5:00 on Saturday February 9 at the Wornstaff Memorial Public Library. Call 211 for an appointment and/or more information. Walk-ins will be accepted. Be sure to bring all the needed paperwork. VITA has hours in Delaware at 200 South Washington Street every Wednesday (6:00pm-8:00pm) and Saturday (9:00am-12:00noon) through April.

Persons over sixty can take advantage of AARP sponsored assistance available at the Delaware Library and the Community Library in Sunbury.

Ohio Benefit Bank a public-private initiative supported by the state of Ohio offers free online self-service income tax assistance. Persons can also check eligibility for various benefits available from the state.

A new globe graces the reading area. Times and country boundaries have changed and all that spinning was pretty hard on the previous occupant. Please enjoy and handle with care.

Jon Scieszka and Loren Long are touring the country promoting the new Trucktown series designed to encourage little guys to read. Delaware County was one of three stops they made in Ohio and it included a visit to Buckeye Valley East. Our Miss Vicky spent the day helping Fundamentals Bookstore owner Tami Furlong host the visit. BVE did a great job of welcoming these big guys with trucks to climb on and banners and blowups of their drawings. Students’ comments indicate that Jon Scieszka is a real ambassador for young people’s literature - plus being an official one.

Ohio’s primary will be March 4 and the registration deadline is Monday Feb. 4. This is your chance to vote for the presidential candidate along with a large slate of local ones - and Buckeye Valley is back on the ballot. Make your voice a vote.

Ashley Council update : Cheryl Friend and Jerry Hayes were appointed to fill John Davis’ and Aaron Scheeler’s respective terms. Next meeting is Tuesday Feb. 5 at 7:00.

Thanks to the McNews whose generous donation to the children’s department helped purchase the new Discovery Kits.

Free magazines. We’re starting the new year fresh and discarding the old. Recipes can be yours. Articles can be leisurely read and passed on. There’s raw material for reports, for decoupage and collage projects. Use your imagination. Recycle. Tell us how to improve the selection. Our magazine renewal list should be sent in soon. We try to provide a useful and interesting variety for you.

The Palace Theater in Marion has a busy February. First is the local production of The Sound of Music, then Blast!, an explosion of music and theatre, and ending with the Irish music of The Chieftains. Savor the pleasure of a live performance.

Interlibrary loan for January . We’ve sent 41 of our books to other libraries and have made 24 requests (16 already received). Totals for 2007 were 252 books sent to other libraries and 145 items received for our patrons. Those items included video recordings and books on tape. Don’t hesitate to ask if we don’t have what you want.

The Year of the Rat begins on Feb. 7 Chinese New Year. Take a look at the eclectic display of books celebrating the event. As for those gloomy days still before us, maybe the games in the display case will inspire some family fun. Maybe February 2 will be a gloomy day and Buckeye Chuck will not be secluded in his pseudo-hobbit habitat playing solitaire but fearlessly proclaiming an early spring.

Library patrons increase every year partly because we don’t automatically delete cards at some point. That makes some sense in relation to local residents but obviously pads our list with long since moved persons. We’re trying to make our list more current and pertinent. Please help us by updating your phone and address if necessary.

Intrigue, a Harlequin paperback subscription series, will start in February, replacing the Harlequin Presents series, and adding to Love Inspired, Historical, and American Romance subscriptions.

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