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June 2007

Get a Clue @ Your Library

Solve the Mystery @ the Library June 11
sign-up activities

Spy Camp June 18

Who Will Win the Worm Race? June 25

Get the Scoop July 2

Fingerprint Cartoons July 9
with Dan Collins

Mammal Mysteries July 16
with Preservation Parks

Case Closed July 23
with the Magic of Stephen Knight

Clue into Reading with the library’s summer reading program starting Monday, June 11 @ 11:00 for all children grades 1 - 6. These hour long programs will include reading incentives and related activity programs, including our renown annual worm race. June 11 is the official starting sign-up day. After that, sign-up is available at the library or at any subsequent program. Program activities are designed to be enjoyed but children don’t have to attend in order to read and receive coupons and other prizes. This year reading will be counted by time spent rather than the number of books read.

Storytime resumes Thursday June 14 at 10:00 and the program themes will be related to those for summer reading. Please register to help Miss Vicky plan for supplies.

YNK (you never know) @ Your Library. That’s the teen program. 1. Sign-up and receive a prize. 2. Investigate good books, graphic novels, magazines, etc. 3. Fill out review forms for weekly prize drawings. 4. Teen Mystery Night on July 18.

Adults can read and review and receive rewards. Rank the books you read and be eligible for prizes.

Magic of Stephen Knight will provide the closing program for this year’s summer reading. It’s scheduled for Monday July 23 at 11:00 and all summer reading program participants, story timers, and parents are especially invited. Join us for an outdoor (we certainly hope) fun-filled finale.

Mystery is the general theme. We’ve ordered some new books to provide contemporary options. Themes also lead to highlighting older books in the collection. It’s a good time to dust off some of those classics in the basement such as Agatha Christie and Earle Stanley Gardener. Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, and Nate the Great all have reprints or “modern” versions, including some graphic novel formats. There’s even a Mystery video category.

Where in Ohio Could You Go ??? A weekly drawing could win your family discounts for Franklin Park Conservatory, CAPA summer movie series, Columbus Museum of Art, National Inventors Hall of Fame or The Wilds. Adults may enter each time they come to the library and get their choice of available coupons.

The Oxford Garden Club came planting and the blooms in front of the library should enhance the view all summer long. Thank you, thank you.

Gnomes, and more gnomes, nicely nestled in the display case along with a leprechaun, a dwarf or two, and an elf are on loan from Jeannene Shemeth.

New videos will catch us up with some of the hot items released since our last order : Charlotte’s Web, Dreamgirls, Night at the Museum, Planet Earth, The Queen, Pan’s Labyrinth, The Last King of Scotland, and Freedom Writers, plus others.

Thanks to Carolyn Heine for taking care of the tree trimming on our joint property line. Her late husband was a diligent, long time library board member and we should be inspired to the library’s care. Additional thanks to the Bussard family who removed the fencing in that area and provided some more area clean-up. Rachel helped pack bags and made worm race boxes for summer reading.

School will be out soon and the summer reading program will create some high activity times at the library. Monday and Thursday mornings will be pretty kid oriented. We frequently remark that in our small space it’s important that the staff all be able to work together. Actually that applies to our patrons, too. Teens, and little ones, and parents, and Norwegian bachelor farmers all have to be respectful of each other - and tolerant. And respectful of the environment. There’s a bicycle rack. Parking takes precedence over skateboarding. Trash belongs in wastebaskets not the bushes. Also it is now actually illegal to smoke around the entrances of buildings because this exposes people entering and leaving the building to the smoke. We thank everyone for their cooperation and are looking forward to a busy, enjoyable summer for all.

Donations of materials are regularly accepted by the library. Some patrons even donate their current magazines. Vacation time might highlight another donation area. We have some special “discover Ohio” pamphlets and could certainly add ones someone’s picked up here or there.

Check the calendar on our website for library programs and events in the area. There’s plenty to do, and plenty to enjoy without having to drive plenty of miles. Enjoy without having to drive.

Audio books can be real sanity savers on those vacation trips - or make some tedious chores more pleasant. The Borrowers or Sign of the Beaver are examples of stories that might be enjoyed by the whole family. Then there are all the unabridged Harry Potters providing maybe 80 listening hours.

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