Friday, July 28, 2006

August 2006

Storytime will resume Sept. 7 at 10:00

August is vacation month and after Summer Reading recuperation for the library staff. Storytime takes a break and will resume September 7 at 10:00. There are many other things to catch up with including book ordering. Summer still has almost two months to go until its official astronomical ending at the autumnal equinox in late September. We all know, however that summer really ends when school starts which seems to get earlier every year though it is August 29 this year. We know it’s not far from everyone’s minds because we get many questions about supply lists - which are apparently not available, yet. There will be a new principal at Buckeye Valley East Elementary and probably other changes.

Mark Wood’s Fun Show provided a much enjoyed closing program with just over one hundred parents and children in the parking lot. It was a really beautiful day, not too hot and with no threat of rain. Every child received a balloon animal. There was a drawing for prizes with a few yet to be claimed. Vacationers can still turn in their lists.

Statistics for the Summer Reading are looking good. We were impressed by the quality of the reading which means that many children read longer chapter books - current total = 1120. Perhaps next year we should count pages read instead of books. We’re looking for suggestions. Forty-one teens signed up, more than ever before. Twenty of them attended the Teen Night - along with three companion dogs. Adult participation remained about the same but more books were read (235).

The Ashley Corn Show starts August off with appropriate celebration. Get in line for that chicken bar-b-que. Dates are August 3, 4, and 5.

New DVDs are available. We’re making a list and it will be available when most of the movies have been received and processed. High School Musical is one. Check the July 30 Time magazine for a big article on its overall success. Remember the Titans has been replaced again and Patton is now in DVD form. We try to get a variety and hope there will be something new for everyone to enjoy. A nice donation of a dozen “old” movies on DVD supplemented our recent purchases.

Refurbishing phase 2 should begin shortly. The board approved Stegal Construction’s bid July 24. The west side of the building will be the main focus with the ramp replaced, fronted by a wall, providing several angle parking spaces on the side. New basement doors arrived in time for the last story time and are much appreciated. Remember Eeyore’s birthday when he received an empty honey pot and a collapsed balloon and exclaimed that he could put the balloon in the pot and take it out…? Well, we can open the door and close the door and open it and…!! It’s at least as exciting as Eeyore‘s present..

Delaware County Fair booklets are here with full schedules of categories - and entry forms. Exhibiting is not just for 4-H members. Most entry deadlines are August 25 with fees of $5 or less. Weeklong fair passes are available for $25.

The Ohio Wesleyan Art Museum will exhibit Currier & Ives trotting prints Aug. 24 - Sept. 29. Live action will be at the fairgrounds Sept. 21.

A generous donation of scrapbooking and stamping magazines should provide a wealth of ideas for those hobbyists. They’ll be available for check out. Duplicates can be yours - free.

Summertime is veggie time, especially with local markets and backyard gardens. There are plenty of cookbooks with recipes for using all that healthy, fresh produce. But where is the one we need -100 Things to do with a Ten Pound Zucchini Squash?

Check your local library. It’s a good place for all kinds of information. We post babysitting, handyman, and yard work flyers for a month and then they go into a folder for later inquiries. Along with fair booklets we have recently received Ohio’s Guide for New Citizens, Host a Foreign Student flyers, Keep Delaware County Beautiful newsletters and Scioto River Sweep posters, and Red Cross Course and Activities Guides. We get newsletters from Stratford Ecological Center, the Ashley UMC Church, Ashley Villa, Park Ave. Senior Citizens copies of Delaware News - and more.

Thank you's this month go to all those who donated prizes and otherwise contributed to the summer reading program. We had several “guest” pets along with the Companion and Psychiatric service dogs. Our official library pet, Rystal the beta fish, has gone back home and will be missed, especially by some of the staff.

SACC groups are continuing their visits, even walking up when it is drizzling. They each get to pick out a book and usually have a story read. The library has also hosted a couple of the reading groups and is pleased to be able to contribute.

The meeting room is gradually shedding summer reading posters and decorations. Upstairs, the hamster tunnel will go back home and Clifford’s dog house will be replaced with the school bus and then the train will come back again. The Pet Shop is closing its doors. But every time a door is closed another one opens…right?

August events: Perseid meteor showers peak about Aug. 10 - 12. The weather’s definitely better than in December. The volcanic island Krakatoa erupted on Aug. 26, 1883. You can read all about it in a fascinating account by Simon Winchester. This is National Inventors Month. You could be inspired by More Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius - or enjoy reading Marvelous Mattie by Emily McCully and watching Young Tom Edison..

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